BS Profession Patch 4.3 - Old Rare Epics

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Would really like to see these added back to the game. /signed
Who knows Dragonstrike comes back in the form of a legendary? People are suggesting a Polearm that changes into a pair of maces so it would be for shamans/monks/druids.
Bring them back!
Old necro is old
I definitely want these recipes available for transmog!
gah i want this back!!! DRAGONSTRIKEEEEE!
i want dragon strike for my plz bring it back blizz
Who knows Dragonstrike comes back in the form of a legendary? People are suggesting a Polearm that changes into a pair of maces so it would be for shamans/monks/druids.
that would be sweet!
/agree i want that mace
BUMP! leveled this proffesion on my recent warrior for mogging purposes only to finally find out they removed them from game!! if they made it BOP bs only that would be fine, but out of the game completely sucks, LHexecutioner was my favorite model EVER!
please bliz if you see this add it back in, introduce mogg'n then remove things people are going to want to transmogrify seems silly.
Posted this on a couple forums:

I did talk to a GM , Turasael, about this just today. The response I got was that I couldn't get any insider information (obviously), but that there are going to be many items available in MoP that are solely for transmog. Also, Turasael continued, it wouldn't be a stretch to think that Development would like to use those old models with items that will be released.

So, who knows.
I leveled up a blacksmith for these weapons, i spent 5,000 gold just getting it to 375 proffesion skill and i learn i cant get these. BRING THEM BACK... GAH
I do love my current weapon transmog, it's sexy :D
Bring back these wep's!!!!!!! The sword Lionheart would go perfectly with my 80 pvp wrath gear! You have my vote!
I regret going mace spec back in bs, I love that axe
I just tried to create Dragonmaw for my holy pally transmog, as there are very few red maces to use. It also just so happens that all of the red ones that look halfway decent are BoP and specializations. I'd love to see these added to the game again.
Yes please!
Hi guys! I might be able to help with some old recipes! I recently returned, and first began playing in early Dec. of 04! (alas, not on release date...i was in EQ2, sorry blizz!....first joined wow about 1 week after release)

Im not a hacker! I just recently returned to the game is all, and Blizzard helped me to recover a few of my older characters that I thought lost. (BTW, blizz customer service works miracles....seriously!) Anyways, I'm not any sort of hacker/cheater/etc, however I just returned to the game from a long break (last played at Kara release, and before then, was on hiatus since release of Naxx 40). Posting here on my main nowadays.

Just saying that because I hate cheaters, and unfortunately if anyone has valuable stuff, they often seem to cheat. But open tickets away on me! My identity and non-criminal status is backed fully, from security question to license info, etc, over the years.

But, though Im not a BS, I am a Tailor and Enchanter, and I have some craftables I can't find data on anymore.

Specifically, I'm curious to know about "lost" tailoring craftables!

I have, for example:

Flarecore epic Set pieces (Robe, Mantle, Wrists, Gloves, and Legs)
Gordok Ogre Suit! woot, haha. no idea if i can get the tannin mat anymore
Shadoweave Mask
Tuxedo Jacket
Argent rare quality set (not sure if the mats are available nowadays, can you get Guardian Stone still?) - have Argent Shoulders and Boots, also Cloak of Warding that uses those guardians
lots more!

Does any of my profession craftables have value in terms of rarity? If so, I'd like to know! I love to transmog and want to be the rarest.

If anything has market value, and I am by some chance in a unique position, I'd like to perhaps set up some realm contests to trade my craftables in exchange for server events. For example, on Deathwing server, I've already planned such an event with this character's gold. I'll be giving out 100k in 2 weeks, on one day! The event is a secret, but the winners all will have demonstrated instances of helping other players enjoy WOW, with no personal gain. Why? Well, because I've learned in my time playing that this game isnt about loots, pixels, status...its about having fun! And helping others have more fun, too. Simple.

Anyways, I also have my 2nd toon active, he has engineering gnomish, and also enchanting! No idea about those professions.

Any knowledgable parties out there? I can talk in game!

I'm not looking to profit goldwise from anything. Just want to know what I should make for myself to use, to look truely unique.


P.S. Maybe I'm just stupid is all, and everything I feel that I have, special, is still around or something. But if anyone knowledgable in that area would take a few minutes to help me sort through my professions, I'd love it. Msg in game, this forum, in game mail, etc.!

I'm leaving WoW for good in a few weeks, for grad school. So regardless, my skills will fade forever.
I agree with this petition, I would like to see them back in the game either :D

Edit: I mean the old weapons you could make with the "Master Swordsmith","Master Axesmith" and "Master Macesmith".

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