BS Profession Patch 4.3 - Old Rare Epics

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would love these back, heard lionheart model would drop in scarlet monastary heroic.
we want this back please!
Also Stormherald.
These weapons were some of the most unique items in WoW apart from legendary weapons.

I was heartbroken when I learned they were effectively "Gone" from the game as unless you had learned the pattern prior to the patch that removed them.. they cannot be attained.

I truly hope they are added back in at some point in the near future. Perhaps pattern vendor or something I'm not truly sure as is not my place to say, But these items are missed by many and would bring may smiles upon the world if they should return.
I'd support either putting the recipes back in or making them BoE. There are still a few people on my server that can make it, and I'd at least like to be able to get it from them.

But putting the recipes back in would be best.
From the Best Buy Developer Q&A:

On the World of Warcraft website, it lists tradeskill patterns, plans, etc. that the player is missing. Some of those items are no longer in game. Are there any plans to reincorporate those missing plans back into the game so the players have an opportunity to try to get all of their missing tradeskill plans?
I'd hate to add back plans with no real game purpose just for sake of completeness. To be honest, I'd rather get rid of more of the older recipes that don't have a strong purpose.

Guess we are SOL with the old plans coming back.
Ya that sucks. The devs need to recognize collectors. Removing recipes would be a huge mistake.
totally agree. i would love those old patterns as i chose armorsmith back then
i wish they bring them back i was almost to the lvl to train them but time ran out on my account than the patch came and i did not have time till after. so i agree
I agree completely, everyone please help toward the cause and submit a message to the Devs. Complete tard-mode when they made this decision.
these patterns need to come back into the game.... BUMP
Having xmog, could blizz bring back the patterns for master swords and armor smiths please... just amalgamate into the bs patterns!
Blizzard reintroduces the missing the BMAH and they go for 200k+

It would be a huge slap in the face to everyone - watch for it to happen :(
As someone who didnt know there was an issue with this, I spent the last couple days farming the materials for my [item="Lionheart Executioner" /].... Then I found I couldnt change my weapon specialization. As of right now, I feel unbearably stupid, as well as irritated....
These items seemed incredibly expensive to make at the time. Don't bring back the recipe when everyone is rich as hell, just make the items boa to transfer to toons that could transmog it over old alts.
11/07/2012 04:17 PMPosted by Theshredder
I Disagree, Keep them Deleted and no longer Available, otherwise every Blacksmith and their battle pet will have them, they will no longer be unique to those who acquired them at the time

I disagree with this kind of mentality. I personally know how much work I put in to make them back in bc, and they will be unique to me regardless of how many people can craft them. These weapons have amazing models and it's ridiculously selfish to not let other people put the work in to get them too.
If only I had not been a Armorsmith -_-

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