RIOTRIOT, King of Dalaran

i will need more Lords and maidens in my court, pst for consideration.
bigglez is def the king of if ur the king how did he get ur girl back in the day.
because i dumped her?? simple as that.
Riotriot's not king.
Riot didn't deserve "his girl".
She only gets with the king.
And bigglez has taken the throne.

All hail King Bigglez.
she gets with anyone really...
She's not that desperate.
All Hail King Riotriot. Master of Garrosh.
online gf/bfs are for losers...
and riot...u are king...maybe of pedos
you must have atleast this many achievment points to insult me
well u must have a life to have a gf. and since u dont have a life have fun with ur online boyfriends.
isnt the point of this game not to have a life?

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