Best class for achievement hunting? Discuss!

Hey there guys!

I've been playing the game off & on for about 5 years now, and after a 6 month break I'm back again finally. One thing Ive always loved was achievement hunting .. theres just sooo much to do in the game outside of the traditional dungeon/raid grinding. And in the last 6 months Ive missed alot!

So my question to all you is: What do you think is the best achievement hunting class, and why?

I know alotta responses will be "p@laDin duhh, it CAn HeAL and TaNK idIOt" and stuff like that. I understand that Pallies & Druids have alotta versatilty & therefore make great soloers, but I wanna see what other classes may be up to the challenge!

Thanks in advance! :)
I'd far prefer to solo on my DK or even BM hunter than a paladin or druid :p

Really though, there's no achievement you -need- to be a solo capable class's faster to grind exalted raid reps etc in a group anyway :P

So really, the best achievement hunting class? I guess the best way to figure it out would be go tab by tab and picking the achieves that some classes have an advantage for.

General tab, well, with rumours of 150 mount achieve coming out, I'd make something that gets free class mounts - so DK, warlock, paladin. Especially on a new alt that won't have any of the retired mounts, I'd be making an engi/tailor and one of those classes.

Flying around hugging critters/killing pests? 20% mount speed, paladin or DK. Slightly faster than any class with the guild perk.

Quests, really the only advantage is again the slightly faster movement of DK/paladin.

Exploration, again, faster movement.

PvP...meh, any class that has a genuine advantage there will probably be nerfed by the time you level it. Go human for the racial perk if you're planning on grinding exalted WSG/AB.

Dungeons/Raids...It's faster to do all your rep farming in a raid anyway, so no class really has an advantage unless you're on a low pop server. Tanks I guess may have a slightly easier time forming achievement runs.

Professions? Faster flight again, solid deal, helps with archaelogy/winning fishing tournament/flying everywhere for the dailies in outland/northrend. Dwarf for professor title, I guess, although it's ridiculously easy since they added the new rares.

Rep? Human anything clearly helps.

World events? Again, mostly include a bunch of flying all over the place, faster speed.

So really, I'd say overall, you should make a human paly or DK. They have the added benefit of being amongst the best solo classes for any raids you can't get a group for.
Human Death Knight. Almost all old content is soloable (including, for example, Northrend Dungeon Achievements). Additionally, you can spec for a mount speed boost, which helps with timed achievements.

I would go with Human for diplomacy. It occurred to me after grinding through 50 reputations that I would still have 10 to go if I weren't human.

would like to point out that rogues are pretty awesome at 5 mans and raids, there isnt much i cant solo right now but yes blood DKs are the best right now they need far less gear to do what i do.
Thanks guys! Good stuff so far, kinda figured Blood DK would pull first place, but was just hoping to get some good opinions!
I would say a blood dk is by far the best, but if you have another hybrid that you've been playing for longer that already has progress on it, i'd stick with that, any class that can heal itself works well, ie: prot pally, blood dk, feral druid. I have a mage friend and she has a very hard time soloing some things that I'm easily able to, so. there is infact a difference I would say.
Imo, Dk's seem the best for soloing acvhievements and raids and what not.
Mage is awfully good for saving on travel time from one thing to another.
A high-Armor class with self-healing capabilities. You cannot go wrong with one of those.

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