[A] Toast is Recruiting

Toast is a level 25 guild.We are a friendly and casually devoted group of individuals looking for a few good players to join our ranks. We are working on Firelands raid content. We are looking for all classes. We do expect players to possess at least some degree of experience and knowledge concerning their class and the game mechanics, as well as a positive and constructive attitude.

We are looking for Mature players.

As stated, we do expect our players to be experienced. You must know and understand your class mechanics as well as the raid mechanics.

This includes:

--Proper gemming, enchants, and glyphs

--Know your role and rotation

--Be appropriately geared and/or with the intention and knowledge to get appropriately geared

--Have the appropriate addons and keep them up to date (Omen, DBM as it updates, Atlas Loot, etc.)

--Provide your own flasks and pots (in the future these may be provided depending on profession production)

We would like our Raid times to be Friday and/or Saturdays 8pm server time.

Warrior- closed
Death knight-open

Priest -Open

We need 2-3melee dps
Warrior- open
Druid- open
Rogue- Close
Shaman- open
Paladin- open
Death knight -Close

we need 3-4 ranged dps.
Hunter- open
Mage- open
Warlock- open
Shaman- open

If interested or have any questions Please Contact one of the officers Rajaha, Averily, or Koberen about joining
/bump for toasty goodness!
I wouldnt recruit and DK's either. They kinda suck right now.
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