[A] 358 Druid tank LF guild (start raiding)

Hey guys. Just wondering if there are any guilds out there that are starting to think about raiding and are looking to recruit a dedicated tank?

I am a mature and active player with plenty of previous raid experience. In vanilla, I tanked with my warrior for server first MC and BWL clears on Jubei'thos as well as the server first alliance AQ40 (weeks of c'thun wipes ftw!) In BC I played a mage on Barthilas in Schism clearing all content including a server 3rd Sunwell. I took time off from raiding during WOTLK and since returning to the game recently, I have been grinding ZG/ZA for gear.

While I am not experienced with the current raid content, I am confident that I would be able to pick it up very quickly (having already watched the majority of fights on tank spot and read the majority of fight guides) My ilvl is now 358 and I am continuing to grind dungeons for rep for both shoulder and head enchants.

Sorry for the wall of text but if you guys are in the market for a tank I will be more than happy to fill out an application :D


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