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11/15/2012 03:51 PMPosted by Ilithya
Okay, so I've updated mine since I was last here and I wanted to see what people think.

Diggin' the all black look, nice and simple looks good on a female.

Working on T8 (like nearly every priest), but freya is bugged and the big dudes never seem to be into letting me have my way.

They did drop the tier pants though, just the piss me off I assume.
ninja priests!
8.75.. lets play dominos.
8/10, that helm will always make me smile. Has since I played in BC and wanted it on this char but only had 114g or so.
11/16/2012 12:12 PMPosted by Theologian
8/10, that helm will always make me smile. Has since I played in BC and wanted it on this char but only had 114g or so.

9/10 I really like the "bandit" kinda look you have going on there

My armory picture kinds sucks though, so...

http://tinypic.com/r/1112gy8/6 =]
8.5/10 for Compactdisc

You get points for it not being tier, points that you got your tabard to match, and points for being a cute gnome.

I detracted a couple points because your hair doesn't match. :( Sorry, I got all or nothing hen it comes to transmog. :>

For mine, I went for a scholarly look. Too bad my armory pose makes me look like a kung-fu wannabe.

And your hair DOES match your outfit. Quite nice. :>
meh idk its very druidy :/

6/10 for creativity

I'm not really a huge fan of the FL set :( but it does look pretty good on a gnome :P
yout not xmogged, all melds nice tho 4/10
neither am i but i put on my potental one minus weapon havent got it yet it would be s2Glad mace
How are you showing your xmog pieces without actually being xmogged or wearing them according to armory?

Giving you a 3/10 and questioning your color vision.
I decided to go for the classic BC look for my first Priest transmog (just recently pulled her out of retirement, because I am a masochist). I haven't run down a staff or wpn/offhand for this set yet, but the staff I was already using prior to MoP is a decent match, so using that for now.

I used to have the purple version of this outfit back in the BC days and was really fond of it. The red version here is somewhat different, in that the gloves that are supposed to go with it are SUPER UGLY bloated "bucket gloves", and this robe cuts off at the elbow instead of tapering all the way down to wrist. I was able to track down more elegant matching bracers/gloves to replace the stock gloves luckily. I plan to work on the purple and teal versions of this outfit when I hit 90.

I'm not a big fan of most of the super-gaudy, flashy, often-oversized epic gear, so transmogs like this are more my speed.

@ Sotanaht - 7/10 - Matches up pretty good, but would look better if you changed your hair to light blond, gold blond or white.
At least it's well matched. It's pretty much just a blizzard set though so any comments on it's overall appearance should probably be directed at blizzard (except the gloves obviously).

Giving it a 7/10, very basic but effective.

My own xmog contains items from every single expansion to date (not even including my weapon since all wands are pretty fail for mogging). Belt from MoP, gloves and boots from cata, head from WoTLK, shoulders and back from BC, and chest from Vanilla. Despite this, they actually match better than most actual tier sets.

edit: noted your opinion on the hair, I think the red-gold hair helps to accent the set and bring attention up to the face, while still not being enough of a departure from the theme to clash with it. Also, super serious face does not go well with bimbo blonde.
7/10...the shoulders are dragging you down! Not a fan of the shoulders, but well done on using a robe rarely seen in the world of transmog!

My own transmog: I went for straight Sin'dorei look, mostly from BC...let's face it, some of the best looking gear came from that xpac.
7/10 like the look, haven't seen that set too often.
Not a fan of that one bloch. It would look better on a warrior for the colors and spikyness if not for the dress. Could probably also use something to break it up and accent it a bit, an off-color belt would do well. Not liking the sandels either. Also, why mog your head if you are going to hide it, looks like it would look decent visible but I wont know till i see it. 5/10

Its a decent look, but would be much better on a mage, maybe even a warlock, nothing priestly about it. 6/10

I like my wings and halo (hate that the particle effect halo wont show in armory). I know they are very common, but I'm not going to play hipster and not use something just because other people use it. Actually when putting this set together I started with those two pieces and worked out from there.

get points for not going full t5 like every other priest.
7/10. Unique and authentic to the expansion

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