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10/10 bcuz ur the only one ive seen with it
8/10 - your pose makes it a little hard to see :P but I like your hat!

This is mine in-game: http://i.imgur.com/4diOD.jpg

Nice and simple. I like how it matches your hair perfectly.

Nice and simple. I like how it matches your hair perfectly.


Nice and simple. I like how it matches your hair perfectly.


Seems kind of lumberjacky, but i like how u put it together, 8/10
Hey! I poke out my head!
Matches a Draenei skin color a little TOO closely. Can't tell where your pants end, and your hooves begin.
Sonuva.... that was supposed to be with my priest.
Screw you, forums...
Edit: Ok, I give up. I think I borked the forums.
So... how do i look? I still need the belt to complete the outfit but its coming along.
I xmogged to a level 20 green look. : p
Hello there!
waiting on my god damned halo from Naxx. It never drops D:

Oh and to Zeph, beautiful as always with kara :D
Love the dark blue/red combo, i like that the red scarf part of the hat matches the red in the hands/robe (very nice touch for a different look!).
I really wish there was a cape that had the same blue instead of the black in it..but i dont think that exists in the game so that's as close as anyone can get lol! The red matches almost seamlessly too.
The boots appear to match too though its hard to tell with your undead feet sticking out (always liked that about undead tho lol)
Also Kudos on matching the main/offhand to your color scheme to pull the two different blue colors from your robe, and still have some of just the right kind of red in the dagger.
I'll give you a 9/10, at least until you get your matching belt! ;D

I like it when people go for something different to make things interesting. Though I can't decide for myself if I think you look like a Lumberjack or an Aussie from the outback...reminds me of Hugh Jackman for some reason lol! ;D
I like the somewhat neutral shoulder pads that don't draw too much attention from your shirt/vest combo.
I also very much like the hat (which is probably what is making me think you have an "Aussie" look)
I also like how the Green linen bracers pull together the shoulders and vest, and that the vest manages to have trace amounts of same color as the pants to pull that piece in as well.
It's my personal preference that all of your pieces put together matched much more, but hey, in the real world our tennis shoes don't always match our hats, and the opinion that matters most is your own. Still a hawt "Aussnadian lumberjack" ;) 8/10
In game:
In game:

Looks good in Shadowform. Not a big fan without though.

6/10 it's a good set but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy over used.

I'm not sure of how to get same-as-game picture quality :l
T6 is always a safe choice. No longer a show stopper, but a good looking set altogether.

6/10, but 7/10 for the tiny shoulders that truly accentuate the tininess of a gnome.
(Now that I can post on my priest)

I was going to mark you down for t12 toilet-bowl set, but you actually make it look pretty BA with t14.

SO, 9/10.

Stop slouching, you're going to give yourself back problems, mon.
I like your tribal look. Definitely matches tauren or troll priests. Plus points for originality. 9/10.

My look is based around the Illidari Shoulderpads from SSC which have a pretty cool effect on shadowform.

If anyone has weapon suggestions I am still working on that piece.

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