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What're you guys doing for transmog, i.e. what sets do you plan to collect?
t6 hest , helm , shoulders , gloves , cloak off 10m marrowgar mce off 25m LK and shield off of 10m sindragosa bel from supremus and boots from high warlord in BT herod's helm
I ll go with t6 and Claw and Talon of pheonix for fist weapons. Havent decided on axe/mace yet. If you guys know any awesome looking axe/mace then pls telme
fond of the t1 with crown of destruction...

just need to find the right shield and mh
Unfortunately I only started playing during wrath, so my knowledge of older gear is poor. But I found a decent article on some nice looking weapons, check it out:
<--- This but I also have full T10.5 (besides 232 shield), full T5 set and half of the T6 set. Most likely going with the T4 I have on though
I'm becoming quite a fan of this current heroic tier pieces. (The red looks very nice).

I do have my t6 all saved and ready to go, I would have liked to use the vengeful glad version (T6 but in red). It looks very nice but unfortunately that was back when you needed 2200 for shoulders and I never managed to get that far into arena back then.

Its also no longer available now so sad panda :(
Oh look, this thread again.
keeping the gear i have and being proud of the way it looks .......may make it look like nasty greens tho
I personally like the full heroic tier 12 set with hellscream slicers.
definitely going for t2 on my shaman, but i just can't decide on a weapon :C
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definitely going for t2 on my shaman, but i just can't decide on a weapon :C

u so bad!!!1!!111!!1!!!1
09/07/2011 12:11 PMPosted by Autonomy
I personally like the full heroic tier 12 set with hellscream slicers.

This, I'll be using the ToC maces if I'm stuck with maces though
Teir 5 all the way baby!!!! Its the only set that aint got a damn dress. Just wish its graphics where a little more crisp, but thats what you get when wereing BC stuff. Resto wise im probably going with the T-9 pvp stuff. The set with the big crystal rhino helm :).

I'm a simple shaman, tier5 + Fist of molten fury + Claw of molten fury.
Got 3/5 of the T5 set last night. I might go for T6 on Friday. I'll need to look at the set first.


Oh that's right. No, I'm sticking with T5.
And check out those claws off the phoenix boss, Al'ar, in TK.

Claw of the Phoenix

^ I picked that up last night.
You can see all the models of items on your particular race at They also made some guides to help you find what you need. For instance, there are tier set look a likes that one can come by, even some hunter recolors.

To find tier look a likes, follow this link:

To find non tier sets and some unique items:

To view actual item sets and any items in game, you can browse them on the main site of

I already gathered the burning crusade re skins of tier one and tier 2.
Bulwark of azzinoth + w/e And im hoping they let me Transmog my helm into my Chef hat lulz

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