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Nobody ever wears my set :(.
Been using this as my PvE transmog for awhile now myself.
< Ta Da my wonderful set I also have many more sets as well, such a girly girly I know :P
the one i have on now, until my next concocted idea.
Tried to go for an ice theme with mine.
Nice. i was trying to go for a Shaman/Paladin hybrid look! still working on my other custom works! :)
Had to find a good Monk Transmog. I think this works. What do you all think?
Tier 2.5(aq40) belt from wintergrasp, bulwark of azzinoth shield, caster mace from nefarion in bwl. helm of pilgrimage or T1 helm go alright with it all.
Mine is nearly complete :). Just need the gloves.
I meshed some stoney-looking things and got a pretty sweet result.
Bullwark + t6 is best looking shaman set.

THIS is the best looking shaman set.

Made it myself - Sandals blind mages with their OPness everytime.

If then enemy cannot stop staring at your shoes, it is effectively a CC.

I don't like the cloak. On most characters, I dislike every cloak ever. So I give you 9/10. Get right of the cloak and you get a 10/10. That's my personal preference, however.

Used this transmog for my Shaman since it was introduced. Plus it's been my RP gear since Wrath(with exception of the axes.)
i'm trying to get the Earthfury set but the last pieces won't drop. QQ
08/02/2012 12:31 AMPosted by Okay
Nobody ever wears my set
I just finished my set tonight. Gaze upon it! And yes, I'm still mad that the armory doesn't show female Orc hair. WHY!
I like mine, took awhile to get. weapons don't match yet because I need another mace/axe.

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