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I went for a "mistress of pain" kind of look, but all my friends say I look like catwoman :P
Not amazingly original, kind of a "hey remember ZG?" set. I like troll gear and as I get more tier then I'll probably start using that instead. I'd like to find a troll themed tabard to match but until then this tabard is good enough.
I'm going to make my guy look like a turtle. Making the turtle scale armor and farming the tan turtle shell shield.
So I kind of lucked out with the one of the better transmog sets (which I currently use when ele) and managed to get my hands on a T2 set before transmog was even introduced. I stumbled across the set and wanted to get it just to wear around for cosmetic reasons and managed to complete it all before it became unavailable.

However, I think my favorite set was either the frost witch or worldbreaker sets from WOTLK. Still need to go back and finish up my worldbreaker set from ulduar.
Mine isn't original but I like to think I look fabulous.

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