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t5 plus the molten fury fists

oh man the wrathful axes are sick
hoping to god that i can transmog the big bad wolf head i had around
Tryna collect full Tier 1 atm...Molten Core hates me. It's always lock/druid drops EVERYTIME!;71227


I don't really care about weapons.
The stuff I've got equipped now.

BC Heroic reskin set doesn't have a matching belt, but the T1 belt only stands out if you're specifically looking for it.

If I've got axes equipped, I'll go with Wrathful Gladiator's Cleaver or Doom's Edge.
I'm making two sets.

A Blue Set - T6, other BC items that are blue/purple

and a Green Set - Fel Iron Mask thing and maybe some T11

I'm furthest on my Blue Set right now.

^^^ is my deep set as of now. i've always loved the tier 5 cataclysm shoulders, but for this mock-up i went with the season 2 shoulders and gloves in dark blue to match the tier 1 earthfury recolor body pieces.

^^^ is my current heal set. i went with a belt that matches better than the tier 6 one does. off-set pieces as head and hands give it an original understated look. obviously i'm a fan of the shield :P

weapons are TBD and bulwark of azzinoth or mazthoril honor shield could find their way into either set.
i have a wolf mask and 2 dragonstrike maces
Red Dragonscale Protector is the only thing I've decided on, don't care how long it takes I must have it. As for the rest of the gear maybe one of the tier sets, shammy gear always looks pretty awesome imo.
t5 - was the reason i made my shaman, i thought they looked so damn cool (enhancement at least) i'm modifying a little bit with original Rag helm and gruuls lair shield. season 1 ripper (s)
Got mine on :)
T5 with phoenix claws for enhance
I also have full T6 with the bulwark of azzinoth which I would use for resto and ele.

A more primal view of the shaman, still wondering what im going to use for weapons if the mh/oh restriction keeps me from using pride/greed
I'd hope to see the DK tier 7 and 7.5 as a set of replicas available for purchase! Anyone else feel the same?
I got dungeon set one. t10 25 man. and brutal glad gear. I may hunt down the rest of my t6 as well. Bt anyone??
T5 helm,shoulders,gloves and chest with T8 valorous earthshatter kilt, equipped with molten fury fists. The t5 pants makes a male troll look like 1 of those skater kids with skinny jeans
Seems special effects don't transmog so no ghost shoveltusks for T10, doubt T6 locks get wings or T8 rogues the grabby shoulder things.

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