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The only two sets I have in mind are T10 and T5. T5 will probably be for Enhancement and T10 for Resto. I've always loved both sets.
The worst looking level 40 greens I can find, Deathwing won't see it coming.
Doing this set. Possibly changing the boots. Gonna be doing the ZG fist weapons (black with red eyes). So excited.
The old BC gear you can get with JP now. It looks like the old ZA gear, you know like the helmet I have on atm, and the shoulders with the skulls. It's the best possible look for a troll imo.
heroic t12+crown of flame

Kiltless T6 with Splintershard and Pugius.
t10 25 man FTW
T5 Pirate Mage ftw. Nuff said.
an orc miner!
I like this Lord's set, matches my hair color. :)
I don't like the gloves though, too bulky, looking for replacement. I had a Cragfists which is good but I accidentally sold it.

Also working on getting the Chief Brigadier set.
the one i'm currently wearing is probably my favorite out of the half dozen or so xmog sets i have stashed away.
I'm torn between this helm and t10 helm, t10 helm really suits it but i like having flames on my head.
Sets? Why do sets when they've all been seen countless of times when you can be original and make up your own pattern?

09/07/2011 10:45 PMPosted by Chillbro
definitely going for t2 on my shaman, but i just can't decide on a weapon :C

u so bad!!!1!!111!!1!!!1
I personally like the full heroic tier 12 set with hellscream slicers.

This, I'll be using the ToC maces if I'm stuck with maces though

I have one of those red maces from Ulduar that look pretty neat for if I ever have to use maces. Comes from heroic Deconstructor on 25man I believe. Think theres a blue one from Thorim on some difficulty...
Need to run ZA and get Mace of the Sacrificed before I'm done making my troll shaman look like... well... a troll shaman.
I'm aiming for battleforge / blood knight greens, minus the helm and the shoulderpads. It goes very nicely with the Ironforge tabard, incidentally :P

I've spotted a few Draenei shamans with the same idea as me in battlegrounds, haha.
This shammy just recently got to 85 so I missed out on the whole "Show your transmog amg!!" posts.

Here's mine, though! It's blue and pretty. I have a silver dragonhawk following me around to match.
I plan to collect nothing but new items since even before patch 4.3 I still had every tier and matching set I could acquire... Hence Void Storage needs more slots because I need more!!!

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