[A] In Search of Sunrise recruiting! 8/8H

In Search of Sunrise is a progression raiding guild. We seek other talented and skilled players to fill available positions for our Core Progression Team for MoP.

iSoS was formed 12/10/2009, and has been a guild focused on raiding from its very creation. We want players who show up to scheduled raids every week, prepared to clear a raid as efficiently as possible. The progression of the guild is every guild member's top priority. These are some specifics characteristics for ideal candidates to the Core Team:

  • 99.9% Raid Attendance. You have to make yourself available to raid every scheduled night.
  • We are very competitive. We run World of Logs for all of our raids from core team to alts.
  • Mop content requires a heightened sense of raid awareness. Be able to react quickly, and be observant enough to adjust your role as necessary mid encounter.

Did I tell you we have perks? I pay for practically everything. Your repairs, flasks, food and almost anything else that comes up. Plus enjoy level 25 guild perks with the unlocked achievements we have so far.


Core Team - 8/8H - Tuesday/Wednesday 7:30 PM to 11 PM PST.

We have two positions available for qualified ranged DPS.

Shadow Priest is required.

The last available slot, we are interested in a Mage/Hunter. We would prefer the Mage.

Raid times won't be so late once content is on farm.

If you wish to apply, contact Kaast directly in-game. If I am unavailable please visit insearchofsunrise.us and fill out a guild application. In the event that we decide to try you out, I will get in touch with you. Please leave solid contact info.


Leadership you can talk to if you have any questions -

Kaast (GM) - Talk to Kaast for any questions. My alt's are; Güts (alt 0252), Scoobydude, Lethilius, Succession, Ruins, Charliemerfy.
Obliviion (AGM) - Talk to Obliviion with any questions.

WEBSITE: insearchofsunrise.us (Website is currently being updated)

PS I'm cool...
Looooove this guild!!
Isos is amazing, I love them, this guild is super supportive and everyone likes to play together as a team and jut get stuff done xoxoxox
This is the best guild ever. Join us
I'm a paladin!
Did you say "Loot"
Really interested in adding Raid Leaders to my leadership team.

If your not guilded and are consistently having to pug your own raids, let meet.

If you are guilded and not getting the appreciation or support you need to make the team successful, contact me right away.
One up XD
Bwahahahah... hah.
09/05/2011 04:51 PMPosted by Kaast
Healing Priest (Holy/Disc Negotiable based upon ability) with Shadow Off Spec.

Feel free to msg me in game, I have a 396 pve disc ms with extensive holy experience and 4pc T13 shadow, 3/8 HM exp with toons on server, 6/8 HM off server.
Hitting you up right meow Aenwyn!

Totally just got my Thunderfury, I now own all legandaries available to rogues!

Insane in the Membrane here I come!
Bumping for lack of bumps.
Now 5/8 H! Woot ;D
i can bring one of my alts to team thunderjunk (lol) if you are interested in having me. however it'd have to start next week cuz i got locked to some disappointing tradechat pugs :( here are the alts i have on LB:


posting from this guy because my 1 madness kill on those alts looks bad and i feel like i need to prove i am not terrible...
Hey Zzeez, thanks for the response. If you don't mind hit me up in game sometime!

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