[A] In Search of Sunrise recruiting! 8/8H

Hi, I'm interested in talking with you... heres my long winded forum post.


If you have interest, let me know when your usually logged in game and ill come talk to you.
I'm online right now. Please whisper!

Best times to catch me on this toon will be during Weds/Thurs raid times. Tues/Friday, ask any guildy for Kaast and they will be able to track me down.
Really interested in adding Raid Leaders to my leadership team.

If your not guilded and are consistently having to pug your own raids, let's meet.

If you are guilded and not getting the appreciation or support you need to make the team successful, contact me right away.
Borrowed, Sorry I missed you Monday. Work happened.
So... My guild died... I know at least one person in your guild. I've been a raider since classic. It is hard to find raids when your guild is falling apart. Due to work I can only raid every other week.. So I know I won't get a raid spot but it helps to be around when I am needed. I have 4 85s. 393 rogue, 382 resto drood, then lock/DK who arent geared. If anything I would be happy to have an active guild. I also like to do some pvp on my rogue... 4k resil... Thanks!



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