[BUG] Dark Simulacrum working as intended?

Bug Report
I have tested Dark Simulacrum's spell use with mixed results. I have copied both levitate and seal of insight. Instead of what the tooltip shows (for dark sim's effect, not the base spell's effect), the effect lasts one minute when cast. Levitate should last 10 minutes and seal of insight should last for a full seal duration.

The tooltip for Dark Simulacrum reads, "allowing the Death Knight to unleash an exact duplicate of that spell." This is therefore either a tooltip bug or a usage bug. That said, Dark Simulacrum's tooltip also reads such that it should prevent the spell from being cast. In fact, the spell always gets cast and the death knight only ever copies the spell, seeming to go against the tooltip.

Why do I care? Mostly because there have been blizzard posts encouraging the use of Dark Sim as part of the balance that DKs are expected to use well. If I am going to use it, I want it to function as intended. In addition, by having a longer cooldown than spell reflect and spellsteal, dark sim should theoretically be better than either.

Dark Simulacrum works somewhat like spell reflect and somewhat like spellsteal, but is different from both. Like spell reflect, dark sim is applied instantly, off the global cooldown. Once a spell is absorbed, the death knight must use a global cooldown to apply it or cast it, much like spellsteal. Dark simulacrum offers versatility in that it affects buffs and offensive spells, but it cannot be spammed like spellsteal (mechanically anyway, because nobody spams spellsteal as a practical matter) and it will not instantly reflect the offensive spell (off the GCD) like spell reflect does. Since the spells are affected by the DK's stats, rather than by the caster's stats, Dark Simulacrum falls even farther behind.

Edit: I have also copied wind shear and counterspell. Both of those seem to be on an "interrupt cooldown" such that mind freeze cannot be used within 10 seconds of those spells, and vice versa.
First off, no where on the tooltip does it say that it prevents the spell from being cast, it only said that it will copy the next spell that costs mana. As for Spellsteal, it can only steal buffs, not abilities, and the buff is limited to a maximum of 2 minutes. The reason that Dark Simulacrum is better than both in that respect is b/c you can copy anything that the caster uses, such as bubble, ice block, lay on hands, mirror images, bloodlust, starfall, cyclone, and even totems.
That being said I do agree that the spells you copy should be adjusted to do appropriate based on the death knights attack power. I hate copying a spell only to have it do 100 damage b/c you have not spell power.

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