Could a couple people help me for a moment?

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Hi guys,

My son would like to play and start a charicter, he and a couple friend want to make a guild on Tortheldrin Alliance.

But the server is very low population and I cant find people to sign the charter.

Does anyone have a moment they could make a level 1 Human on Tortheldrin just to sign a charter quick?

I figured a couple people were bored and just reading the forums and maybe wouldnt mind helping.

Tortheldrin, Level 1 Human, just ask Exponential if you can sign his charter?

Thanks to anyone who would be nice enough to help, good deed for the day to those that do :)

He only needs 4 people to help.

Appreciate anyone who lends a hand.
Recruitment in any form is banned in this forum. Read the stickies:

This forum represents 241 servers. Post this in your server's forum after the moderators delete it here.
Not recruiting, just looking for 4 people to sign a charter.

Still 0/4 for anyone that wants to help :)
09/02/2011 07:09 PMPosted by Dabestaround
Not recruiting, just looking for 4 people to sign a charter.

That's guild recruitment. Recruitment IN ANY FORM is BANNED in all forums except the guild recruitment forums and server forums. Those are the rules. Follow them.
1 of 4! Still need 3 more :)
2/4, thanks guys! Still hoping for 2 nice folks to sign.
Dabestaround, I think it's great you're trying to help your son but honestly, this is not the appropriate forum for this type of subject. =(

Here, we encourage folks to post and discuss game-related information that would be immediately beneficial to new players.

It would be best to post on your realm forum or the Guild Recruitment forum.


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