Resto Druid PvP, the serious thread.

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interesting thread...

Personally, I would be happy if the CC we already have was reliable. My cyclone and roots (especially my cyclone) gets resisted CONSTANTLY. I played a game this past week where a hunter resisted my cyclone THREE TIMES in a row.

As it is now, I generally avoid CC if I am being pressured because it so insanely unreliable and I figure that an extra heal is more prudent because I could well end up casting for 4 secs (including interupts) just to have my spell resisted. it sucks lol.

Obviously you are not Spellpen Capped..? As you will notice any resto druid runs with the Spell pen cape for pen cap my cycs never get resisted
20k is nothing, especially in rBG's.

My priests Penance ticks crit for like 16k with full penance tick.

Ok so.. 30-45k Heal in 2 seconds? Your complaining about that?

We are lucky to heal that hard if swiftmend crits efflos aoe will heal a decent amount 5-7k Per tick for 7 seconds thats IF It crits
09/05/2011 06:49 AMPosted by Kåtypårry
Lifebloom with a crit is an 80k heal.. i didnt know totems ticked 80k in 10 seconds?

If every single tick crits and then the bloom itself crits, perhaps. But if that happens, you should stop playing WoW and start buying lottery tickets.

You have turned my frown upside down.
I thank you
Bump for great justice.
bumping this up for the love of god
I read 1/2 the first page. Forgot some suggestions.

Going to reply to some of what was said in the first page, than add to the suggestions/comment.

Someone said there HAS to be a #4 healer. Yes. I agree. One of the four healers has to be the worst. At the same time however #4 doesn't mean it needs to be garbage, as the current [PvP] resto druid's are. We can be worse than other healers, but it doesn't mean we aren't able to compete. Think of it like this:

Resto Shamans are +++++
Holy Paladins are ++++
Disc Priests are +++ 1/2

I'm just going off the top of my head, I play a disc priest and for the most part I believe Holy Palas and Disc are pretty close to each other. Maybe vise versa, but still, I think they're both good. Resto shamans at the same time aren't that far from Holy Paladins, (a few tweaks could make hpals +++++, or a few nerfs could bring resto shamans down a bit).

Resto Druids +.

We shouldn't be so bad off that we are no where near as close to the #2 and #3 positions. Ideally we should all be close to each other.

Lets see, what else. Oh, the priest who said we just need to play better.

Playing from 2000 to 2600~ this season and playing against the top teams on my BG, I can tell as a resto druid it is a lot harder than you may think. If I make more than 3-4~ mistakes in a minute I will have a hard time to not lose. (Get locked, out of position, not shift a poly->cc chain for instance) On my disc priest, however, I could get locked out 3 times a minute and never death a poly and still be able to come back 2x easier than my druid. Does it happen often? No, but when it does happen at the least I can pick myself up or my team up easier than spending 5-6 globals to fully hot someone.

Suggestions: We need a way to prehot again.

I would also say either buff cyclone's range OR put it on the arcane school.

Nature's Ward -> 6/12% dmg reduction and perhaps instead of increasing taken, make it that we apply a single lifebloom to ourselves thats on a different stack than the one we refresh and a rej while under 50%.

I'd think of some more but I can't remember what I've done with this post
I agree with this post. Good job on it.

Resto's need something.

And I don't know what the hell Blizzard is doing with Lifebloom. They have ruined that spell. Only one LB per druid now makes it a poor mans Earth shield. I guess it's meant to be our burst heal on a GCDx3 + 8sec wait or something.

Personally I sick of the very very stupid solutions Blizzard is coming up with to "fix things." I feel like they break more than they fix, and its draining and annoying.
Bumping for great justice!
ya'll need read
Um... Bull. A resto druid is un-ccable, unkillable, and has infinite mana. Couple with the line of sight and the amount of HP in cata? Impossible to kill in an arena. I'm calling bull on this whole thread.

Oh, and let's not forget the literally best CC in the game. Yeah, that kinda helps too.
Um... Bull. A resto druid is un-ccable, unkillable, and has infinite mana. Couple with the line of sight and the amount of HP in cata? Impossible to kill in an arena. I'm calling bull on this whole thread.Oh, and let's not forget the literally best CC in the game. Yeah, that kinda helps too.

Can you actually play an arena match against one first before commenting? Are you serious?

R-Druids need serious help. Lifebloom needs to be one stack, that heals for the amount the 3 do currently because target swaps are far to nearly impossible to deal with as a Restoration Druid with the current state of the game against well time CC and burst. Regrowth either needs a buff, or something needs to change in the direct healing portion of the R-Druids arsenal.

The OP makes a very good point, you should be able to shift into Travel Form and shift back into Tree Form. No other healers cooldown penalize them in such a way. If R-Druids are going to continue being balenced around the use of Travel Form, they should be able to use it when they are most vulnerable.

I'm not sure if anyone caught the US invitationals, which was comprised of all R-Shamans with thexception of a Disc Priest and R-Druid team. But the team with the R-Druid got absolutely slaughtered when it came to hardswitches. It cost them many games. These players are the best of the best. Infact, they actually opt'd to play KittyCleave as opposed to their usual comp in one game, and I'm not sure if that's because of the team make up, or R-Druid healing, but that says something.

I didn't honestly read to much of this thread, because generally threads like this are filled with 1 page of decent comments and then "LOL yurclas iz fine L2P". I did read the first post and page however, and I agree with most of what the OP said.

Edit: Also, Healing Stream totem heals for half the amount of Lifebloom and only every 2 seconds. However, in the OP's defense, Healing Stream heals the entire team. Provides an incredible amount of resistance, does not require 3 globals to stack, and does not lose it's effectiveness against hardswaps.

I'm not sure it's fair comparing R-Druids (currenlty weakest healers) to R-Shamans (the strongest). Blizzard has already comment on R-Shamans recieving a nerf in the near future. Perhaps with Wind Shear. Both classes most definitely need to balenced better, that is certain though.
Perseverance providing 15% damage reduction from all sources

Resto PvP set allowing lifebloom on 2x targets


That's like all we need to be fine in PvP
09/03/2011 04:01 AMPosted by Darthtinker
Resto Druids need to some serious help in competitive arena right now. Mainly 3's is what I'm talking about, 3 lifeblooms is out healed by a totem a shaman lays down. Our survivability is garbage, tree form isn't as great as people think it is, Natures Swiftness is on a 3minute cooldown for druids as opposed to a Shamans 2minute cooldown.

I like your post, and I agree with many of the points you've brought up.

I think there is a consensus that Tree of Life needs a buff when it comes to pvp, as its currently designed, it turns you into a focus target that makes you die even faster.

I believe the largest problem with druids right now, regardless of what part of the game you play (pvp / pve) a huge problem is the substantial nerf that lifebloom has taken this xpac, its been turned strictly into a PVE spell, and it was designed & Intended to be used as a PVP spell.

I believe that with only allowing lifeblooms on a single target, they need to compensate by allowing you to build those stacks up faster, or increase the healing on them.

I really love your recomendation on the "Perserverance" talent. It's by far one of the most unused talents in the game. I like the 10% damage reduction idea, I would even settle perhaps for an increased healing affect on yourself.
brb rerolling a disc priest
I don't see why people keep making these threads. I mean seriously theres been hundreds of ZOMG BLIZZERD FIX ME I CNT LIV WIT 100 PPPL ON ME ANYMORE!!!!111
09/13/2011 04:50 AMPosted by Rasuv
I don't see why people keep making these threads. I mean seriously theres been hundreds of ZOMG BLIZZERD FIX ME I CNT LIV WIT 100 PPPL ON ME ANYMORE!!!!111

Well, that WAS ridiculous.
Now resto druids can't even live through a hard switch involving one dps.
That's not right.
I main a resto druid, and I've been PvPing for waayy too long. Now, these are all great suggestions, but you guys are forgetting about something.

Blizzard doesn't give two !@#$s about PvP.

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