<Qapla> No longer recruiting... but

Awkward has asked to explain, so go down to the bottom of page 2.

Edit: When he gets to it. Dw, good news.
Bump because Wintersnow is a bear IRL.
Bump for new friends!
Bump for reserve Holy Pally.
Bump for just the prot pally now.
09/08/2011 04:27 AMPosted by Talvirr

You found us!

Bump for Heroic Domo!
Bump, still looking for a prot pally, or exceptional prot warrior!
We have a pally and 6/7 HM now.

Damn Vanquisher tokens! *Shakes fist*
We require more pylons!

Well, more apps.
Bump for Blademaster Down.
Really would like a Mistweaver.
Updated, looking for a mage instead of a druid.
mages ftw
Hey I just posted
And this is crazy
Another boss down
Don't expect a rhyme with this bump.
Since I don't like bumping without providing anything good for people;


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