Forgotten Kingdom is Recruiting

Aerie Peak
Forgotten Kingdom is a stable casual raiding guild on Aerie Peak (PvE/PST). Our members are active, fun, and low-drama. We provide repairs, cauldrons, & feasts at all raids, and enchant mats and gems. We're casual about how much we raid but serious about the raid when we are there. We are currently 4/7 in FL.

We raid 10-Player (only) progression content 2 nights a week on Friday & Saturday from 4-8pm Server/Pacific Time.

As a raider, we expect you to:
    - be able to make 90% attendance during a 2 week initiate period. At least 75% attendance after that.
    - arrive to raids having researched new fights yourself. All we should have to tell you is our strat... you should know the basics of the fight on your own.
    - have some experience in current content. We're not here to gear up your alt.

We are recruiting because we have several dps positions and one healer position that are filled with people who can only show up once in awhile. We have a core group of 6 who show up every week and we're looking for a few more who really want a solid position.

Rogues, priests, druids and warlocks are especially encouraged to apply but we may accept any class based on gear, attitude, knowledge about their class, etc.

Hit up Gentilini, Gehanne or Katherinne in game if you would like to apply. You can also visit our website @
what time do you guys raid i may be interested :)

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