[H] The Republic

[H] The Republic

We are a raiding guild that is hell bent on making raiding fun, exciting, challenging, and most of all, not stressful. We ask that you bring your best game to every raid, be respectful of others and enjoy yourself. This is a game, and should be played as a game, but raiding does require organization, rules, and policies that need to be followed. In our guild we hope to provide you with this atmosphere and strive everyday to make this game enjoyable for all who play within our family.

Our Main raid group is 7/7 FL and are currently working on Heroics. We have just formed a 2nd 10man raid group that is currently 4/7 in FL. The raid times for Group 2 are: Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday/ with possible Mondays from 6pm-9pm PST

We currently are looking to recruit the following classes but will always look at exceptional applicants:

- Paladin Tank or Blood DK
- Rogue
- Frost DK
- Furry Warrior
- Resto Druid
- Holy Paladin

You can apply at our guild website http://therepublic.guildomatic.com/. or you can message myself in game or my GM Yourpal. My RL id: Neuner21@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

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