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With 4.3 and Transmog allowing players to customize there appearance...

Are there any plans to allow Mages/Warlocks to choose a new NPC model for their static pets?

As a Mage, I'd love to have the option of commanding a...

Bound Water Elemental
Ice Revenant

I'm sure Warlocks would LOVE replacing their 7 year old Blueberry with...

Armored Voidwalker

Minor Glyph? Trainer Interface/Quest?

If this is too much trouble...can you at least reduce the my Water Elementals size by about 30% and remove the unnecessarily loud idle loop? Pretty please?

Yes, I know the idle loop can be removed manually and I have already done so...but it shouldn't be necessary. =/
Hmm if I were a mage I would prefer this guys model:

I think it looks really cool.
Do want Incubus.

I want my pretty demon man! >;D
You mages are super duper low on the new model list. A blue did say that different gender models for demons were "In the works."

I'm really happy for that addition, and would understand if that is all we'll ever get.

However, I'm all over giving us a tame pet like spell, perhaps making it a perma-change instead of a stable, with Demon trainers giving us the option to revert back.

Plus, let use use different demons for different roles:
Felhunter=Hell Hound
Imp=Kil'jadean (C'mon, you know you want it)

Also, re-skin Blood Queen Lana'ethal for the female demon form. They won't stop complaining.
Hmm if I were a mage I would prefer this guys model:

I think it looks really cool.

He'd look at lot less cool "pet size" though...I'd really like the Bound Water Elemental. Heck, it even makes sense...BOUND Water Elemental. None of this free-range Water Elemental nonsense!
Forget that, I'd rather lose the elemental entirely. Roll its damage into mine, and give me the ranged Frost Nova instead. :D
09/05/2011 05:51 PMPosted by Besteigen
'I don't want people to have a target while I'm ice blocked, it's only fair'

More like "If I wanted a pet I'd be a warlock." :P
I was runnin around with my mage this morning, and thought, wouldn't it be cool as a frost mage, to have a frosty bear pet running around, like a ice polar bear type, I so bored with the pet we have now, same ole pet everytime I log in :(
Necro why!?
I use grim of sacrifice a lot simply because the darn things usually run off doing their own thing and are never with you when u need em.
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