H<Second Attempt> Looking for More for fun :D

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Second Attempt is recruitng active players of any class for all around fun stuff . We pvp, dailies, heroics, pet battle and old raids as well. The core of our guild has been together since mid wrath and some even longer. We try our best to help all guildies and include everyone who is online in our activities.

ATM we are recruiting all roles and classes.

We offer all guild perks such as Mass rez, guild funded repairs, cauldron/feasts, guild funded gems and enchants for raiders. We are a fun group of toons that don't take this game too seriously. Non raiders are welcome, we really want to recruit some consistant , reliable and fun players.

If you think you are one of the dedicated players that we want then contact myself, Baankin or any officer in game

Thanks for reading.
BUMP!!!!! These raiders get !@#$ done

You guys wouldnt happen to be interested in an arcane mage? My Firelands experience is 5/7 on my main(prot paladin) and 2/7 on this character but I do kno all the fights although I have never experienced Domo and Rag so I might be a bit off on the first few attempts. I am willing to server/faction change if I get a solid answer. Hit me up in-game if you have any questions. my real ID is kronik202@gmail.com. I would love to hear back

Armory Link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormrage/Tyoshin/advanced

Edit: I have downed Ragnaros
Edit: I don't exist anymore
Bumping for the updates and more recruits!!
bumping for updates
I'm from Eat Grenade Stupids and we recently stopped raiding due to numbers. All of us are from 378-384 ilvl right now and are looking for a guild to take in the members who want to continue to raid. Are you able to take in 4-6 members (we can discuss specifics if there is an interest) right now?

My post of our situation if you want details. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3657614093#1
Bump cuz the holidays are over :D
Bumping for more recruits for our second group, Wed, Fri 7 - 11 server for those interested.
Bumping for needs for our 2nd group. We try to make it 1 person/type of armor. That being said, we currently havea bout 5 alts that run/lead our second group and wish to free those alts of their roles in the 2nd group. We are currently looking for 1-2 fairly well geared tanks, 1-2 geared heals, and 2-3 geared dps. We don't mind gearing you up and giving you experience in DS, but please come prepared by knowing fights, being fully gemmed/enchanted, and know how to play your class. We offer many guild perks such as Mass rez, guild funded repairs, cauldron/feasts, guild funded gems and enchants for raiders. We are a fun group of toons that don't take this game too seriously. Our main flaw is attendance and we really want to recruit some consistant players. We are also recruiting 1dps (390+ilvl) for a backup spot in our main roster in which you will be rotated in. We are still progressing in DS and will be putting pvp/rbgs off to the weekends until we go back to raiding 2nights/week in DS. If you think you have what it takes, feel free to talk to anybody in the guild and they will forward you to an officer. If you cant catch anybody online that feel free to send an in-game email to me(Aquaixii) saying that you are interested in joining or fill out an application on our guild website stated in the OP.

Hey y'all very interested in this guild, looked at your website but seem to have misplaced the "apply now" button :( I do apologize for logging in my pvp gear but here is a link to my toon on wow progress with my pve set.


The DS progression is broken on that site I am currently 7/8 in 10man DS but have had multiple attempts at madness ending with heart breaking 1.9mil wipes on final platform due to the terrors @**#@@ our tank :(.
I also have a couple of attempts at H Morchok with another guild I was trying out but multiple wipes due to retardation (not clicking button on ultraxion etc.) has shy'd me away from said guild.

A little about myself. I'm am in my 20s and in the military(ie I can take/give orders very well) I have been playing since vanilla with hunter as my very first toon. Seems like so long ago :S stacking sp for arcane shot >.< gg blizz gg. I can make most if not all raid times (only due to random 24hr work shifts every once in a while) oh and I'm awesome :D

I would like to talk to y'all and possibly try a raid with y'all if you have room for a "mediocre" hunter. Hit me up on here or I'll be logging on at 1500 (3:00pm) sever time tonight.

Until then, Happy hunting!
Shameless bump cuz I copied Aqua's post into the main post :D
bump cuz we need more raiders!!
good morning
I think im gonna transfer to this realm any chance you might be able to get you in one of your teams. im an ilvl 392 SV hunter
It would be great to add you to the team. Give myself, Helleos or Aquaixii a /w in game and we can talk about roster spots.

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