H<Second Attempt> Looking for More for fun :D

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bumping for MoP recruits
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Need a blood dk? I have a 398 tank ilvl with a 396 dps ilvl. Have 3/8 HM exp
Bump, looking for all players, contact me in game if interested.
bump me up scotty
Hello all!
[H]<Second Attempt> Lvl 25:10 man is currently in search of 2 people for our core group. We are currently in search of a Hunter and a Fire Mage OR Ele Sham (Bloodlust ftw!!!). We are currently 5/8 heroic (with many p2 attempts on warmaster, best being around 35% with 1 healer up when we went into P2). We are a rather small guild with only about 14-18 actual people in the guild, some are people looking to raid, others abuse us for our guild perks. We offer our raiders 1k in daily repairs, free superior quality gems (we do have a lot of epic gems, just not the ones you want....a.k.a. not the red ones!!), feasts and cauldron provided for every raid, as well as guild funded belt buckles, enchants, and crafting essences. We are a stricktly 10 man guild that runs our raids with loot council. We make sure everybody gets their fair share of loot, while also assuring that the loot is spread in such a way that benefits the guild in the best way possible. Our progression group raids Tu,Wed,Th from 7pm-11pm server time. We would like to recruit some other folks for our second group that runs on sundays and monday at the same times listed above. Our current progress in our second group is 4/8h. If you want to apply for our Hunter/Fmage/Elesham spot, please note that it would be great if you had atleast 3/8h achieved, and atleast a 395 ilvl. Think you got what it takes?!?! Whisper any member in our guild and they should be able to put you in touch with an officer. If there isn't an Officer online, please fill out an application at secont-attempt.wowstead.com
Happy Hunting and I hope to hear from you soon!
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We are still looking for more, all classes, all specs.
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Hello other people with the Second Attempt name that is ironically from Emonar.
Oh hai there :D

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