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turkey day bump
Ive got a ret pali, and 2 friends (hpali / rogue) all 380+ ilvl. What are your raid days/times?
Our main raid team is full atm but we are hoping to sart a seond group that would prob run through the weekend sometime. We are always looking for more players so pst me in game if you are interested.
I hate it when I am playing League of Legends and the guys beg for me to honor them, and I do, but they never award me with teamwork =(...LF every kind of DPS for our 2nd group starting up this week, also in need of a healer. Friday/Saturday 6-10 server time.
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friday bump
Heya Para, I appreciate your interset in us. We are always looking for more people to join us . Right now we are trying to start a weekend team and it would be great if you could join us. If you are interested try to talk to any of us in game and we will give you more details.
boxing day bump

We tried to say hi to one of your peoples. But he didnt like us very much :(

anywho, free bump

PS hi ondo.
Poor Kizar taking one for the team... of course you know this means war :P
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i am a frostwolf xfer looking to get back into the raiding scene. i have been on a hieadous due to work since last october so my ilvl is not great but its not bad (470). i can be a really dedicated raider and i love progression through raid content. lot of excitement to kill a boss for the first time. so let me know wats up here or ingame thank you.
Bring on the war ondo :P

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