The Broken Doll (Farewell address)

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What a long strange trip it’s been, that achievement name pretty much describes everything we’ve been through in the ongoing storyline that is ‘The Broken Doll’. Before you now is a farewell address, I have a lot of points I need to make to a few individuals and the community as a whole for it’s involvement on both Horde and Alliance side.

First I want to thank everyone for making this storyline what it is, it’s honestly amazing what you all have contributed and this storyline is and was what it is because of YOU people. This story would be nothing without you. I have no one to thank but the players, organizers, and various guilds that got involved time and time again to help make an amazing RP. (And Flend for picking the name!)

Now, I must admit. When this started I thought I was going to send out some creepy letters and clear some grey items from my bank. Within a day I saw the curiosity of the letters and decided to test the waters, sending out more. A full blown Rp movement was happening, multiple raid groups RPing through the days, guilds and people that never got together were meeting, searching, deep in a mystery they wanted to uncover.

I hadn’t any idea it would get this big, and I am truly grateful for it, I’ve never run anything on this scale before and while a lot of folks are sad to see it end I have to say that every cowboy has to run into the sunset eventually. This storyline went on for almost a month and a half, a great overlining storyline with multiple subplots, chaos, and all around fun had by many..

I’d like to say I have been playing a role much of the time I’ve been posting and speaking and I’d like to apologize for any snide remarks I’ve made. Originally in this event the anonymous nature was supposed to be important but as the story grew I find myself unable to outwait people to logoff, for that reason at the end of this I must reveal who I am not only if this story starts again sometime but because most have already figured it out through the story.

Another thing to touch on quickly is the whole ‘How do you do the letters?’ thing, I get a lot of questions about this. For this entire RP I had multiple letter carriers on (H) and (A) side to handle clues, places, and events. But when this started with introductory letters, scary clues and more there was a very simple way of going about it. As you will come to know I have a big affinity for the occult and it’s tool, namely tarot cards. As discussed in prior posts each letter was derived from a different ‘Archtype’, or a different element of human experience. By doing so I was allowed to forge a sense that I actually knew the character without actually revealing anything. I know this drove a few people mad. Simply saying ‘I know your secrets’ tends to make people paranoid these days.

I had originally planned for tarot cards to be a huge part of the storyline but decided against it for connections that would lead to an obvious suspect. This is why in the beginning Veresia was named ‘King Judge’ this actually refers to the King of Swords who in the tarot is known as the ‘ultimate judge’ because he can look at all things without bias. This is how she got her name.

I want to apologize for those who had their suspicions about who I was OOCly and ICly but were lied to on both fronts. If you had figured it out at one point and decided to cast aside your suspicion for OOC reasons (Me posting that it wasn’t me and such), then I’m terribly sorry you did that! I am so sorry I had to resort to trickery to get through this storyline but it made it much easier to prevent the whole ‘OH MY GOD IT’S THE DOLL’ crud whenever I walked into a city.

This storyline became what it was for a lot of reasons, the main one being a constant nagging not just by one individual but multiples across the server going ‘You’re not evil enough, you can’t ever live up to those that’ve come before you’. I certainly hope through this RP I’ve proved you wrong.

And now, for the grand reveal. If you made it this far you likely already know, but if not. The Broken Doll is actually…
It was me.
09/10/2011 08:54 PMPosted by Dalavesta
It was me.

No, I am Sparticus!
09/10/2011 08:53 PMPosted by Vandrilla
(And Flend for picking the name!)

You're cute and adowable, Dara hon. This entire thing was a fun bit for all. As much as I tried to get my guild involved, a lot said nay, but those that did come seemed to enjoy themselves--Mostly, anyway. Hah.
This was, without a doubt, the best RP I've ever experienced. Thank you all for all of your hard work in putting this together. :)
I thought you looked suspicious when I was beginning to level my gnome through Dun Morgh... (Probably mis-spelled that...).
The Twilight Whelp-tender died a brutal death before his children, but the Twilight Whelp-warden said his epic lines before making his escape, along with the remainder of the flight, whelps, eggs, and all.

Their story is not over yet.
Dala...your character better not be dead. :( If your character's dead...

I'm gonna cry. >.<))
Guys. It was all a dream. *nodnod*
09/10/2011 09:06 PMPosted by Archimkazile
Dala...your character better not be dead. :( If your character's dead...

No! Pain was the Doll's trigger for multiple personalities, when she was stabbed Alaula or maybe even Dalavesta came out, confused and unaware of why she was in pain a teleportation rune behind her was activated! She's got a wound in her's unclear if she'll be able to do much of anything for quite some time.

Either way she'll be hiding when she realizes they know.
Awesome...just awesome. This being my first major rp has set this as my main server. I hope that you know its because of your dedication that I can really call this server home. I've been drifting for some months now, server hopping. Now I for the first time, I feel like I've really have seat in this community. <3
Though, TBH, I think we've had enough talk of "The Broken Doll" for a few months now considering there's constantly a few threads about whatever the !@#$ it is. xD
09/10/2011 09:11 PMPosted by Aeter
Though, TBH, I think we've had enough talk of "The Broken Doll" for a few months now considering there's constantly a few threads about whatever the !@#$ it is. xD

That's the idea, this event had a big final hurrah but yes, it's done now ^^ We wanted to go out with a bang! And we did! It was lovely!
09/10/2011 08:54 PMPosted by Dalavesta
It was me.

Who would've guessed!
09/10/2011 09:17 PMPosted by Sanise
Who would've guessed!

^^; Good time to point out someone told you in the first week it was me!
I think we can all agree that even despite some complaints, everything has been executed well. It was an amazing event and the finale was pulled off nicely. You definitely did a great job in all of this, Dala.
This was an amazing event and I've never seen so many people come together for RP like this. Constantly on the ooc channel I have heard people say that this made RP fresh and fun for them and it made a lot of people happy.

Thank you Dala :>

It was me.

< called it...not openly though because it should be a surprise! Tarot cards and you going offline and then ziv coming online was awfully suspicious o:

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