Destro lock rotation

Can anyone tell me the proper rotation for a destro lock???
I find: immolate -->conflagrate--> incinerate(x2) --> Chaos bolt, works well. On boss encounters, if you have some talents spent in affliction, then throw a corruption and one of the banes in. I use Bane of Doom with great results. There's even arguments to be made about dropping Chaos bolt, but the mana regen can be useful. (if you even notice it) The main thing though is to keep your immolate up, and conflagrate as much as possible. I like to finish the mob off with a shadowburn as much as possible too. Hope this helps you.
thank you should i also throw in soulfire with the insta cast when the come and with the soul shards?
I think you should read the sticky.
proper destro rotation? hmm..

my personal favorite is to 'rotate' your character to whatever direction the lock trainer is and respec aff/demo.

in all seriousness, destro is not very good as of 4.2 and to be honest i would consider it downright bad.

if you're really set on being destro, here's the guide on destro, hope it helps:
Being not quite 85 yet I use the following:
Normal Mob:
Soul Fire > Immolate > Corruption > Conflagurate > Chaos Bolt > IncinerateX2

Boss or something that will be up for a while:
Soul Fire > Immolate > Corruption > Conflagurate > Bane > Curse > Chaos Bolt... then I just throw in whatever is off of cooldown/will fit before Immolate and Corruption need to be refreshed.

Vell has it pretty much right. I'd do curse of elements right after my soul fire though. No reason to start getting bonus damage after you've completed your opening rotation.

Using SF as the tank is pulling gives you ISF without wasting any time. Recast SF when ISF is like 4 seconds left if your imp hasnt procced and your soul burn is on CD. Otherwise use the instant cast. Destro is pretty much reliant on keeping ISF up all the time, which is why most people hate it. ISF is a pain in the !@# mechanic.

Destro definitely isn't "downright bad" like sommmme people say. I can pull 24-28k in FL as destro and on some fights I prefer it for our raid with the BoH and shadowfury additions. If all you care about is straight DPS though, its worse than the other 2 specs. I enjoy it though.

you may want to rethink your talent trees. you have 4 points total in searing pain and aftermath which are pretty worthless, along with 2 points in improving bane which isn't a great gain compared to other options.
well no destro isn't awful, but when both aff and demo pull more dps than destro, it seems like a no brainer especially in a raid situation, right?
right if all you care about is DPS numbers. While HM may be different, normal FL is not a DPS race whatsoever. If you look at these forums, esp the dungeon/raid forums, most groups have troubles that don't include enrage timers. The big issues that DO include enrages (or soft enrages at least) are beth and alysra, both of which can be sufficiently helped by BoH. I can take off 5-10% off Beth from BoH and a comparable number on alysra just from BoH. Unless you're in the air, I don't see much advantage to affliction or demo on alysra for instance, other than the better burst of demo for the burn phase. Affliction would be worst imo as a ground DPS.

The sim numbers are black and white. Raid encounters aren't. There are multiple variables that need to be taken into account. Some raid comps may need demo aoe, some may need extra %s off from BoH. Some may need better burn phases where destro fails, but others may be having trouble keeping spiderlings in check which shadowflame/shadowfury is incredibly helpful.

Even though destro is relatively low, I feel like I play destro at 99% but my affliction is like 80%. I'm MUCH better at perfecting destro just from the more practice I've had with it. So in my case, even though it sims worse, my destro would be better than my affliction. So that's why for the most part people should just do what they like best and are best at. Compared to demo and affliction, destro is low, but compared to some other classes, it's still pretty damn good.
The last thing i would want is for someone to not have fun while they're playing, and since you raid im glad your guild or whoever you raid with isn't a stickler for the "obvious choices" spec wise.

True, any DPS spec played well has potential, all im getting at is sometimes familiarizing yourself with a "better" spec and practicing it to where you know it well serves as a help to yourself and your raid's progression.

If you're not having trouble and your DPS as a raid is good and your group feels confident, by all means i would say DPS in whatever spec you want, assuming it's a DPS spec.

I'm talking in terms of playing at your best...if you absolutely need to be the best you can be for a raid performance, destro doesn't really compete with aff/demo.
Even though its behind the other 2 specs (and I gave it up for demo because of this dps difference), it can still have a place in progression raiding. It can have some very useful utility (such as taking 20 stacks on a shard on Baleroc). Probably the most prominent example of this is in the Learn2Raid videos for Firelands. Most of them are from a destro lock perspective. Most players are going to be able to get more dps out of afflic/demo, however, and this can be an issue if you're demo on any of the fights with high dps requirements, such as Heroic: Beth'tilac, Baleroc, Majordomo, and particularly Ragnaros.
Respec to Affliction with Demo offspec is the answer you're looking for.

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