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"The blood elves will endure any hardship, overcome any obstacle, and emerge stronger than before."
-Lor'themar Theron
Regent Lord of Quel'Thalas

The Crimson Circle is an Blood Elf union consisting of members and figureheads of the various factions within Silvermoon City who have created a council to strengthen the cooperation between each other. It is an active body consisting of soldiers and diplomats, all loyal to Quel’thalas and the Regent Lord to see the Blood Elven race extend beyond the glory days of the past but establish an even greater legacy. Since the fall of Quel’thalas to the hands of Arthas and the betrayal of Sunstrider, amidst the myriad of threats beyond the gates of Eversong that threaten to further disrupt the prosperity of their people, the Sin’dorei more than ever are needed to stand united and vigilant; Crimson Circle exists so all can combine resources and trade information to effectively ensure Silvermoon is protected and continues on its rise to power.

The Circle is a cross guild RP group consisting of predominantly Blood Elves that exists to promote quality Blood Elf RP as well as to help network players with similar interests in participating in engaging stories in the Warcraft setting. The Circle is incorporated of members playing active roles within the Blood Knights, Reliquary, Scryers, Magistry, Pathstalkers, Farstriders and more. Our goal is to provide a friendly environment where people can gather, participate in immersive storylines lore compliant with the Warcraft setting, and provide a positive example for a variety of Blood Elf RP.

Additionally the Circle’s goal is to help promote RP on the server as a whole, not just exclusively with Blood Elves, but other races. In the form of diplomatic discussions, joint missions, or a variety of pve/pvp events, the Circle aims to help spark activity for the other races of the Horde and we actively support their events in kind.

If you are looking for a group of players, totaling over hundreds of different characters, all playing to bring quality Blood Elf RP to the server, the Crimson Circle may be just for you.
"You may not care for your subjects, but I care for mine. I have lost far, far too much in dealing with humans. I stand only for the elves now - for the sin'dorei. The children of the blood."
-Prince Kael’thas Sunstrider


How long has the Crimson Circle been around.
The Circle, having been founded by Venrome and Marieana(Kel’Morthen), has offcially hit the three year mark As such, we have long been established and have plenty of experience in creating events, helping characters, or establishing relationships to give you the best experience.

How big is the Circle? Does it have just a few members?
Very. Our OOC channels, which a few of them being split to various smaller chat channels for RP purposes, can have well over fifty members online at a time, with some of our events consisting of multiple filled raid groups. One event, the Circle Grand meeting (8/14/11) totaled over seventy-one characters in attendance, making us the largest Blood Elf centric group on the server.

What kind of events do you have?
Considering the diversity of the group, our gatherings can vary in nature. We have everything from elaborate parties, missions of assault or espionage, lectures on magic, training camps, diplomatic sermons; to just discussing what’s new in the city. Our population allows a variety of different gatherings to fit each character’s backstory and player expectations.

Because this group is so large, does that mean you exist to police Silvermoon IC & OOCly?
Far from it. Though majority of us acknowledge that Silvermoon is a police state and minimal tolerance for disruption as far as lore holds it, we recognize that there are people behind the avatars dancing around the cities as well as not everyone is obligated to follow our stance on lore. We do our best to hold our character’s to a standard and act accordingly in character. But we are not the law regarding player interactions.

That said however, everyone is still left to their own best discretion.

How do I join? What’s involved in the process?
To join simply contact one of the council members(OOC moderators of the group) and an IC as well as OOC meeting will be arranged. We welcome whole guilds into our family and thus look forward to big meet ups to discuss the perks our union has to offer and brainstorm RP opportunities. From there, it’s a matter of joining our main OOC chat channel and perhaps a side channel, depending on your affiliation (Magistry, Rangers, etc).

Who are the OOC moderators? Is this the same as the Magistry Council?
The moderators are not the same as the Magistry council, though the group itself does have IC powers. The OOC moderators are merely persons who are seniors in the group and thus plan events, introduce new people, and help resolve IC/OOC disputes in the fairest way possible. They are:

Do you have to be a certain level to join?
All levels and classes for that matter are welcome.

All classes? Including DeathKnights?
Yes, though particularly with DeathKnights, Scourge Loyalists or those with questionable affiliations will be examined and may be denied IC participation or association with the Circle. OOCly however, they are still welcome.

What’s your stance on House Guilds and politics?
While many in the Crimson Circle have no issue with the idea and even support the concept of established bloodlines within Quel’thalas, the Circle exists to facilitate RP that involves Silvermoon’s relations with the Horde as a whole and its role against those who stand against them. As such, the interior affairs of family lines are far from a priority. We still welcome collaboration with players and promote role-play of various types.
"They fear to face both Malygos and Arthas, and rightly so. They seek aid beyond their capacity -- and to whom they have always turned regarding matters of the arcane? Oh yes, to us. The humans of the Kirin Tor will swear up and down that you are indispensable to them, that your skills are invaluable. The moment you become inconvenient, you will be discarded. Ask them. They know. But not as well as I."
-Grand Magister Rommath

Job board/Bulletin/Plotline

-The Job Board consists of player ran quests, ooc requests summaries or starting points of interests to kick off plotlines ran by members of the circle. To join, simply contact the “quest giver” or simply make a post here to get started. Information will be forwarded to you via in-game mail. Any post labeld "Plotline" indicates the overarching plot consisting of majority of the members within the Circle.

Story Arc: The Era of the Phoenix

The War in Pandaria wages on, leaving a costly toll on the Blood Elven people as they are pressured onward by the whims of Warchief Garrosh Hellscream. Locked between loyalties and survival, the Blood Elves' resolve is constantly tested, as they determine whether the future of their people truly lies within the Horde.

The Crimson Circle, determined in their mission to ensure their people's prosperity, has opted to stop at nothing so that the Sin'dorei will truly return to Glory. Lead by Syraelina Dawnrose, her ambitions to bring her vision of a "shining empire" seem to be without limits. The question is no longer how far she is willing to go so that her people will return to glory, but will Azeroth survive the second rebirth of the Blood Elves...
"Bask in the opulence of my people! Let yourself taste the fineries of living, if only this one time. Perhaps then you may die with finality, knowing that you have been touched by the hands of a god! May you drink in the spittle that is sure to fly in your direction from disapproving blood elf – man, woman, and child alike. Drink it down. Drink. It. DOWN!

To Silvermoon with you barbarian!"
-Maltrake, Servant of Rommath

Public event Listings and Meeting Dates
NOW with website!


Currently still in the development stages, but you're able to post feedback, comment, or add content. Feel free to sign up and join the community!

We also can be found on Wra.net @ http://www.wyrmrestaccord.org./organizations/the-crimson-circle
"This is a great day for all of Quel'Thalas and the sin'dorei."
-Halduron Brightwing

The Crimson Circle proudly sponsors and supports:

The Phoenix Guard
The Phoenix Guard is a Blood Knight & Blood Elf Priest cross guild faction/RP with the goal of promoting engaging Blood Elf roleplay, while also tying back to their unique values and outlook of their race. The Phoenix Guard is a military division of the Blood Knights, tasked with focusing on a myriad of foreign threats and opposition, taking the fight to the enemy’s doorstep.

The Farstrider Defense Initiative
The Farstrider Defense Initiative remains one of the more active Ranger and Scout bands, tasked with upholding a vigilant defense of the Kingdom of Quel’thalas. Not ones to sit idle and act reactively, the FDI specializes on taking pre-emptive strikes on the threats to Silvermoon, going above and beyond to cleanse out everything from trolls, cultist, and scourge remnants.
Farstriders reporting in!

Thanks for organizing up such a nice description, Sinsaria!
Meeting dates, FaQ updated, and job requests posted. More news to come.
Blood Knight Adept, reporting for duty!
And up it goes.
Sinsaria/Ceralyn is one of the best Blood Elf...nay...one of the best Roleplayers on this server(in my factual opinion)
09/10/2011 08:56 PMPosted by Layam
Sinsaria/Ceralyn is one of the best Blood Elf...nay...one of the best Roleplayers on this server(in my factual opinion)

Thank you. I really appreciate that. :)

Magistry meeting coming up soon. Expect surprises!
Just a quick heads up, I will probably not be able to make the Magistry meeting this Saturday due to RL plans. Hopefully I'll be back in time to at least catch part of the meeting.
It's all right. There will be a summary of the meeting and notes to anyone who couldn't make it.
Bump for meetings and candy!
Meeting went very well!

More events to come.
And what did we learn?

Don't touch boxes when you don't know where they came from. They could make you spit cult propaganda!
The party in eversong was a blast. Hope everyone had a good time.

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