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The third page was merely a setback!
Some surprises coming soon!
Pride of the Horde Writing contest sponsored by the Crimson Circle is up!


More fantastic events and offers are coming up as well!
So sad that I missed the last few events but I had family in from England! But hopefully after a mostly WoW'less summer I can get Alaia back into things!

Anyway, the point of this was.... *BUMP!*
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So sad that I missed the last few events but I had family in from England! But hopefully after a mostly WoW'less summer I can get Alaia back into things!


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Behold! The Sin'dorei now have conquered the internet too!
Grand meeting on Nov 6th! Be there for the big summit.
Bumps from the Magistry!
The Grand Meeting had a huge turn out and thanks to everyone who participated.

While I complete the Magistry reset and go about picking assistants for various upcoming projects, there will be some downtime. We'll have some events related to the holiday season before we kick back into full gear.
And a long over due bump!

FAQ, storylines, and events have been updated. Lots of fun to be had as we wrap up our on going war with the Twilight Cult and prepare for MoP!
Time to kill lots of Alliance.

With Sin'dorei lack of mercy.

Howdy, everyone!

My character, Inathia, has been charged with organizing a paladin/priest dream team consisting of members of both the Blood Knights/Phoenix Guard and Argent Crusade. As of now, it is intended to be a temporary agreement to put forth a unified front against Lacryma Sunleaf's betrayal, and any other agents of the Cult of the Forgotten (or Twilight's Hammer) that endanger Quel'thalas and reclaimed Lordaeron.

(I also feel that it's very important to note that, along with the politicking, there will be strong sentiments AGAINST high-elven characters, as they are viewed as traitors in the eyes of blood elves. That's not to say that you won't be able to RP with us ever, just don't take it personally if your character is not trusted, held at arm's length or not permitted within Silvermoon without an escort. This is a largely political RP, and there will be conflict of national pride, ideals and all that good stuff.)

This, as of right now, is in the planning stages. Currently, I am working on a roster of knights and crusaders who want to participate and what days work best for you.It will be a lot of politicking and tense negotiations at first, so please be mindful of that. The action will come.

As for myself, I am in the midst of starting a new job and don't have an exact schedule just yet. Sundays are my one guaranteed day off, and I am online after about 8:30pm server time other days.

The roster:

Blood Knights:

1. Inathia

2. Ceralyn
3. Dawnblood

Argent Crusaders:

1. Arkanae
2. Gabrielene

What I really need: An IC point-of-contact for the Crusaders to RP with (planning scenes, letter correspondence, etc).

Other stuff that is needed: Sinsaria is looking for people to fulfill NPC roles. Send Sin a PM if you are interested!

If you want to participate in this, please contact me in-game (whispers or mail are fine), or PMs on this website.
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