5K gold - Epic flying, or the AH?

My main, a warrior, has blacksmithing and engineering. BS is at 487, Engineering at 451.

I noticed I'm creeping up close to 5K gold. So I thought to myself, I could buy epic flying for my druid, who I've used as my ore farmer in the past, and farm that much faster.

But then I thought, why bother farming? Why not just buy ore and bits and pieces on the AH?

So which would you suggest?
5000g? That's chump change these days. Do dailies for a couple weeks and you'll be at 10k.
do dailies and utilize your professions.
I appreciate the replies, but nobody has answered the question. I'm not concerned with getting more gold. I'm asking how best to spend the goal I have.
buy epic flying for your druid IMO farm the ore much faster and way cheaper
get that epic flight.

Ive got sandstone drake and chopper on both my alts, goin for that third but im thinkin i may jus save the gold for a rainy day
Engineering isn't really a gold making profession, and you already have the profession perk from blacksmithing available. I would have to suggest farming since you don't have a good approach to minting gold, so go with epic flying for now.
Epic flying is always the answer. Especially considering that it's a farm character you're getting it for.
If you need more money, (and it sure as heck looks like you do), follow advice here and make some money.

For your original question, I would buy epic for all of your toons. Any speed increase is a quality of life increase, and worth it.
spend the gold on the ore/bars. flying too fast may cause you to miss nodes anyway.
If the trainer is charging you a full 5k, you need to get your city rep up first.

Epic flying is a nice quality of life improvement for you main. I generally don't buy it for alts unless I have a specific need.
09/09/2011 08:55 AMPosted by Bankalt
spend the gold on the ore/bars. flying too fast may cause you to miss nodes anyway.

Flying too slow will cause me to get to the nodes before you do.
Epic flying.
Epic flying is the answer. And if you buy one, then you have to get it for all your alts, whether they leave town or not. Just bought my 8th. So worth it.

Yes, worth it even for my 71 trying to do cooking dailies in Darnassus. Do you know how often I missed that boat from SW on a regular flier (I don't know either). Now my epic flier makes it on deck, Every Single Time, even when it's pulling away. It's that fast.

k fine, only been doing those for a couple of weeks but the first week was brutal!!

epic flight, then spend time farming.

elementium on my server runs about 40g a stack. Volatile waters 25g per. Fires 8'ish. Earths 6'ish. Pyrite runs 100+ per stack.

Just mining the highlands (and fishing the lava pools each circle) with epic flight gets me over 1k an hour for essentially no work.

So... epic flight today and you can make your money back in a few days of farming a couple hours a night, tops. Depending on server economy of course.

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