[H] <Inappropriate> 25M 2/6 HoF Recruiting

<Inappropriate> is a semi-casual 25m Horde raiding guild that is 6/6 in MSV and 2/6 in HoF. Our focus is successful 25-man raiding on a casual raid schedule. While we believe that we don't need to sacrifice our personal lives to push content, due to our lax raid schedule we demand great dedication and focus from our raid members. More importantly, we are a group that has a great deal of fun together with the friends we've made along the way.

Inappropriate proper was founded in mid cata when several long time friends and raiders from Alliance side were struggling to find competent raiders on the dwindling Alliance faction. They faction transferred, and have been clearing content at a comfortable pace since. Our core has been raiding together since BC, and weathered many growing pains and issues that came with the evolving raiding meta game.

Our loot system is a relation of raid attendance, performance, and donations to the guild versus gear awarded in our raids. For short, it's called EPGP. The very basic explanation is that on top of the typical raider > trial > probation loot priority, you will win or lose item rolls based on how much gear you have already gotten compared to how much you've raided. Raid more and donate lots of stuff when we need it, and you are more likely to receive loot. Win loot and you are much less likely to win additional loot.

Inappropriate raids during the following times (all times are server time):

Monday - 7:30-10:30pm
Tuesday - 7:30-10:30pm
Thursday - 7:30-10:30pm

We are currently looking for the following classes for our raid roster, and all interested applicants should visit inappropriate-guild.net in order to apply:



If your class is not listed but you feel you are an exceptional player who can take a joke and put out dps like Targett can walk through Flanking Orders, we encourage you to apply anyway.
Bumping with a 1/7H fist.
Inappropriate Jokes are only the beginning!
Hey, mage 375 ilvl looking for a heroic group to raid with. I am willing to xfer over to horde side to raid its not a problem and I could do it any time. I'm a 24 year old infantry Marine so I listen very well to commands and follow directions. Also the guild sounds like a good time and place for me. Have a ton of inappropriate jokes to add lol. If it sounds like I might fit in or you would like to ask me more questions you can send me an in game mail or catch me when im on with Real ID. Northtr4768@gmail.ocm
Thanks for your time.
I'm a 370 Hpally looking for a decent but relaxed raiding guild. I would say that I could only raid on weekends but your raid times seem earlier than others. I'm only 6/7 in FL ez mode though. And for inappropriate jokes... have you all heard about that tragic 2 car pile up? 72 mexicans died.
Hey Chazik, Shábháil I would love to set up a time to talk to you in game, please feel free to leave me an in game message to set up a time to talk. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you both

I am kind of looking to get back into the raiding scene, even if it is just on alt runs and just for kicks. So far this expansion I really haven't had much experience, but raiding is raiding and it is all the same to me once the me mechanics are under control. I've main tanked server first HLK25 back on TUB and have basically been on and off playing this damn'd game since vanilla beta.

Anywho - Just checking to see if you guys would like a under-geared, but competent player for your line up. I also have a 85 resto shaman and working on leveling my other 80's up too.
Thanks for your time - D
To those of you looking to potentially join, I encourage you to apply online at inappropriate-guild.net. We have spots open for all roles.
Did somebody say rolls? I would love a nice cinnamon roll with warm sugary topping thanks!
Join us! Cause believe it or not ... I am far from the most Inappropriate aspect of the guild.
Helps if I post with the correct character also huh?

Helps if I post with the correct character also huh?


How do you have an 80 priest with 0 achievement points?! HACKS I SAY, HACKS!
op your cuteface fills me with rage, just felt I should let you know.

kay toodles! :D

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