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I'm quite sure we'll all agree that Dalavesta has pulled off an amazing storyline that will go down in server history. She has spent countless hours single handedly sending scary letters to everyone, each letter personalised and unique, set up events and amazing RP for everyone across both factions.

And today with the conclusion of the event, I think she deserves a huge round of applause for all her efforts and her blood and sweat that she poured into making this work.

Thank you so much for pulling this off Dolly, I've made a whole lot of friends and gotten involved in some absolutely amazing RP. Working with you has been wonderful, and you are the sweetest person OOC as well. /worship.
Best. Event. Ever. I think I enjoyed it more than others did, even if did complain a bit. Big cheers to Dala and her gig, and here's hope for more in the future! I look forward to making even more friends because of it, and my realID friend's list is quite massive now because of this event.
Thank you very very much for holding such a wonderful event together. I've made new friends out of this and the RP has been a wonderful experience for both my character and me as someone who hopes to write one day. :] I hope in the future more events such as this can be held.
I've RPed more in the last month or so than I have in the last few years put together.

Very awesome! Thanks Doll. :)
Was hardly involved, but I agree. Dala put a LOT of work into this and definitely deserves a round of applause. You really have a knack for widespread RP storylines, Dala. :D
*hugs Dala*

Thank you so much for the event. This was so much fun, totally worth every step of the way. I have met so many cool people. I am so glad, so honored to be a part of it. Thank you thank you thank you. This was by far the best roleplay event I have ever had the privilege to be a part of.

You are awesome. Hell, you are all awesome! Never forget that!

*bakes The Biggest Cake Ever! for you*
This was srsly the best thing ever. For my huge spiel,

But seriously. Dalavesta, you are incredible. And so is everyone here.

Wasn't involved but sounded like a good time! Glad to hear it all worked out and such.
Dammit, I really wanted to get involved with this but everything happened when I was never on :(

It was a great read though!
Dala, we should talk sometime. I really enjoyed the twists and turns that happened with the story line. I couldn't get enough of the forum letters and character responses.
This event. Was amazing. This event is the first major roleplay event I have ever taken part in, and I loved it to death. The emotions, the drama, the plot twists, I just ate it up. The character deaths were heart breaking, the plot was so mysterious. I made so many more friends and RP contacts, and Melorya's character grew from this experience alone.

I got a kickass set of shoulders, too. Thank you so much, Dala. <333
If any of you guys are up for a roleplay, let me know! I'm sure Mel will be more than happy to see the people she worked with against this mysterious Dollie.
I kept hearing all these good things about it. I wish I was able to get more involved myself and/or maybe even the guild involved =) I know we had a few members who did so but next time we'll see what we can do =D

Thanks for setting up this whole thing and to those who think MG is in trouble/dying/fading? Suck it, seems to be just fine to me =)
Wish I could of gotten involved but by the time I'd gotten letters I'd stopped logging on Erier for the most part. Thanks for considering me for this though.
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Wasn't involved but sounded like a good time! Glad to hear it all worked out and such.
This was the greatest event ever (The final one was AMAAAAAZING.)

<3 x10000000
While I regret not being able to take part in such an event, I'm glad to hear it went well. I heard great things from numerous people about all this and it really sounds like 'folks had a blast with it. Awesome job, Dalavesta.

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