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How are you supposed to find a gem that will fit a certain level item?

I have hands (2 red sockets) and legs with (1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow). Both are item level 85
1. IF you insist on gemming low-level stuff, don't worry about matching the colors. (Especially on those gauntlets.)

2. Low-level gems can be gotten from Jewelcrafters, or from some of the vendors in Outlands.

Most people recommend not bothering to gem low-level stuff like that since you'll outgrow it soon anyway.

See here for the gems you'd be able to put in Outlands gear -
Someone correct me if I'm mistaken, but I think any gem up through Wrath of the Lich King quality-gems will fit into any item regardless of item level. I can put a Wrath quality gem into my level 60 druid's relic, for instance.

Cataclysm-quality gems have an item level requirement. It will be listed on the gem itself.

Just buy really cheap green or blue quality gems of the type you want at an AH. So long as they don't have a ilevel requirement on them, it'll work.

BTW--buying Outland gems from the gem vendors there is likely going to cost more than what a leveling jewelcrafter is going to list their green gems for on the AH. AND, those gems will probably be even better!
The only gems that have an item level requirement for the gear they're socketed in are Cataclysm gems. The gems are item level 81 and up so you can ignore them on the auction house; they require an item level 285 or higher item in order to fit a socket.

Other than the Cataclysm gems, you can put anything in those sockets. Best you can do are the epic WotLK gems.
If you can find them SUPER CHEAP, go ahead and shove the +Agility gems in those gloves and pants (depending on which pants you have).
IF you really want to gem gear that you'll replace in a few levels...

You can often find uncommon BC/Wrath gems cheap on the Auction House from people who are powerleveling JC. If you can't find any, or they're more than a few gold each, there is a vendor just inside the Honor Hold Inn who sells common (white quality!) BC gems.
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IF you really want to gem gear that you'll replace in a few levels...

If you put WOLK gems into BC gear, you end up making super gear that will probably last you 10 levels or so, because you get so many more stat points that way. Those 'look we added gems' green quest rewards are really amazingly good if you pack them with 12-20 of a primary stat in each slot instead of the 2-6 points you could get in BC.
If you're going to get gems as a leveling hunter, disregard the socket color and just stack agility gems.
Is there any good Blue Sockets for item levels 200?

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I'm not sure what you're asking. Are there any good blue gems? Because you can put any color gem into a socket, you just won't get the bonus.

You can see all the blue gems in the game here

The gems below level 85 don't have an ilvl requirement.

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