[A] Sons of God 10m 7/7 - Recruiting TANK

Sons of God are a semi-hardcore 10man guild on Frostmourne Alliance, we raid 1 night a week, but aim to keep up progression to a top level.


We are currently recruiting a tank for pre-heroic progression.

Paladin or Deathknight preferred.

Although we will consider any exceptional applicants if you're the right fit (especially hybrids).

Raid Times:
Wednesday 7pm - 11pm AEST or
Sunday 7pm - 11pm AEST

About us:
Due to recent attendance issues, we have been forced to recruit more players to bolster our close-knit raid team.
We aim to stay competitive with the top guilds on the server, while still keeping minimal raid hours and having fun :D

As such, most of our members are former hardcore raiders who have been at the top of server/oceanic progression.
So if you have the experience, but don't have time to commit to 4 nights a week of raiding, we may be the guild for you :)

With 4.3 not far around the corner, we would like to hit the new content with a solid group.
If you would like any information, contact Bestchance/Dreamalittle/Espex ingame,

or drop an app to our forums anytime @ www.sonsofgod.biz/forums/
An application from any of the following kinds of toons would be highly desirable:

Disc Priest
Resto Druid
Aff/Demo Warlock (you'd need to be amazing)

Obviously we do not need all of these toons. But we have enough geared alts that are capable of jumping right into hard modes that an extra body of one of the above specs would mean the hard mode faceroll would begin in earnest.

Come see all the content for a minimal time commitment. Two nights a week with a group of ex-!@#$ stars. How can you pass that up?
healers in sog rank in their dps gear
don't you want some dps to love? don't you need some dps to love? we gonna find some dps to lovvveeee
come, eat my lobsters
lol no hunters

i never thought i'd say this. here hunter.
don't be sad my jungle friends. embrace the new age of hunter scarcity at sog. be the hunter. be the jungle. eat the frogs. apply for the time of your life (maybe)
a pro disc priest would be nice
any healer or dps wanted. post your apps :)
No greys as heirlooms bites
I think he means transmog but OK
I'd join. BUT. You would have to give me something in return....
dun mind joining if the hunter spot is core and are going to progress through heroics...
im ilvl 373 hunter...an play all spec...

is that THE scottish warrior?!

jitzul yes it is core, our permanent hunter switched to tank a few weeks ago. i'd recommend applying
I may be interested.

No FL experience, but everything up until.

I also have a somewhat ok tank set.

taking applications now

only one guild member likes disco music (me)

edit 1/7 hm o.o

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