Having trouble with Blizz UI and healing bg's

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Blizzard and forum community,

The problem I am having is when people leave or join a bg while i'm in combat. When this happens the targeting in wow gets messed up so that I click on person and it targets another or it won't target at all. I just switched from healbot to your raid ui this week and like the change, but don't like to die because I can't target who needs a heal.

The other problem I am having is my raid frames not auto changing when I join a larger bg like av or ioc. For obvious reasons I need a different bar setup for 40 mans and I set one up and made all the proper selections on the raid screen, but when I enter a bg the change doesn't happen either from or to that configuration depending on bg size.

Any help or advice given would be appreciated.

I am having the same issue. When players join the bg i can no longer target myself for heals. I use the blizz standard ui. I have tried with no addons enabled and still have the issue. If I reload ui it fixes the targeting issue but my mini zone map go's away and I am usually dead by the time I rezone.
I'm having the same issues and have been for a couple of weeks now. Disabling addons does not seem to matter. Hope this is fixed soon.
This has been going on since pre cata the second we got the new frames.
Please fix this.

I actualy got yelled at last night for not healing someone.
The thing is "to me" that player never needed healing and had full HP the whole fight.
The sad fact is, they where loosing health, I just never saw it.
Thanks for the replies. It's good to know I am not alone in having this issue. If anyone else is experiencing this please post maybe we can get blizz to notice.
Upon further game-play it appears the bug is happening when a new person is added to a bg not when a person leaves.
No offense to blizzard, but fixing this a long timr ago should have been a huge priority especially because of cross realm bgs. The community of WoW has a lot of problems and that includes people nerd raging when they die. I haven't gone 1 raid in deathwing nor 1 battleground where the ui has messed up and forced me to reload while in combat. Maybe I this was fixed more people wo
Phone sent message too early.. But as I was saying more players would choose to heal. I love healing and those little packages we get for queing because no one wants to heal aren't really a good enough carrot on a stick. Just fix the ui.
Still not fixed.... even in MoP
I've had this issue several times in the past as well. I usually notice it after someone new joins the group after somebody leaves, and sometimes it wont even show the new name on the list. /reload fixes it, but it's still rather annoying. I like the Blizzard raid frames a lot more than other addons i've tried, but it's so buggy it almost makes me want to go back to using Grid.

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