Class Feedback – Shaman

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■What type of content do you focus on? [PvE/PvP/Both]
Both but more on PvP

■If PvE, what type of PvE? [Heroics/Raids/Other]
Dailes mostly but may run a heroic if its a guild run. Don't like doing it with random players since I dont do dungeons often.

■If PvP, what type of PvP? [Arenas, BGs, Rated BGs]
BGs, Rated BGs once in awhile, World PvP

■What are your biggest quality-of-life issues? For instance, no longer requiring ammo could be considered a quality-of-life improvement for hunters.
The only thing I can think of is Not being able to use 2handers for effective melee dps. It kinda sucks we can equip 2hand axes and maces but cant use them effectively as enchancment.

■What makes playing your class more fun?
Unleashed Elements has got to be the best thing ever.

■What makes playing your class less fun?
What I said about 2handers in the previous question. Also as resto, Water Sheild is too much of a chore to keep refreshing every 2 seconds in combat. The last thing is for this class and every class that heals, Whats the point of having 3 heal ranges? We have the expensive quick heals, the 2.5sec meduim heals, and 2.5sec large heals. I understand you dont want us to rely on the quick heals all the time but having the medium heals is just a waste. Don't even use it since between it and the quick heals you are doing about the same amount most of the time.

■How do you feel about your “rotation”? (Rotation is the accepted order in which abilities are used to maximum efficiency.)
It's ok as Enhancement, but there is alot of downtime between attacks. After 4 moves i'm left with autoattacking.

■What’s on your wish list for your class?
Would like some kind of rework on ehancement so if we want to use 2handers we could do it. Also, would be nice to get another summon elemental. Maybe a wind elemental. Could do it as an totem or make it like an permanment pet for shamans since everyone aparently getting summoned pets lately. Last thing Chain Heal would heal a little better.

■What spells do you use the least?
Grounding Totem, Elemental Resist Totem, Tranquil Mind Totem, and Rockbiter Weapon

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