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Just like to confirm was able to Launch the wow client from within Windows 8 and play the game without any issues. Did have little problem loggin into Forums from IE. Install Firefox and had no issues.

Note* Windows 8 = Weird. But still curious
You notice any FPS differences between 8 & whatever you were running before (7 probably)?
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Yeah I'm also using Windows 8 now and it runs fine. (AMD video card default drivers)

FPS is about the same I was getting on Windows 7.
Well, its does seem little buggy after all so far. Unable to move charater without getting a dis-connect. Maybe a driver issue or some sort of packet loss. Good FSP at Ultra settings still just like Win 7, just unable to move. My experience that is.

Good to hear. :) Microsoft's normally pretty good about sustaining backwards compatibility with their operating systems, but that extra bit of confirmation never hurts! Windows 8 is definitely looking quite interesting.
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EDIT: Found out how to add shortcuts to the Metro UI

- First you have to unhide hidden folders through your config
- Next, go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs. This is where all the shortcuts are placed into the Start Menu. Notice, pinning a program to the start menu DOES NOT place it in the Metro UI.
- Find your WoW directory and right click Launcher.exe. Send To Desktop (Create Shortcut) NOTE: You cannot create a shortcut directly to the folder. The system will not let you.
- Rename your shortcut to WoW or whatever you want.
- Copy the shortcut on your desktop
- Paste it into C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs (Note, since I have Starcraft and WoW, I just made a simple Blizzard Games folder and pasted them in there.)
- Open the Metro UI Start and you should see the new shortcuts on the right side of the window.

This is a long way of going about to add programs or shortcuts to the Metro UI


I know that Blizzard does not support the new OS, but was wondering how to add the WoW launcher icon to the Metro UI? There are probably a lot of folks who do not like to install this massive game all the time and have the game files on a separate drive. I can play the game beautifully in Win8, but I cant add the icon to the Metro UI unless I pin it to the Taskbar.

The funny thing about this new UI, if its disabled, all the new features of the UI are disabled as well. So MS is forcing the new UI on us.

Thats my rant.
You should also be able to find any installed program using Search and then you just need to pin it.
Only if you installed the program normally. If you have moved WoW to a different drive, because of the size, then it is not a normal installation.

That's true but I remember seeing an option to pin files to the metro UI as well, I think it's in the Explorer's ribbon or something.

M$ needs to make it easier to tell which shortcuts are Metro UI apps and which are Desktop programs IMO

And if they hold on to the idea of not letting users close apps it's going to get really bloated after a few hours/days of use without a restart. I mean, most people know they can use the task manager to end apps but a lot of people wont have a clue and flipping through apps you are no longer using is annoying to say the least.
having major screen tearing issues ever since installing win 8. anyone else having this problem? otherwise i got a bump in performance.
You can close apps quite easily. Move your mouse to the top of the screen, click and hold and drag the app to the bottom of the screen.
If you want to close an app in Win8, alt+f4... it's as stupidly simple as that.
Windows 8 will most likly be buggy for some time.
From what I read, only people that buy new computers can get it now.
All other people must wait untill next year to buy it in stores to upgrade their computers to it.
Basically true unless you have a MSDN account. The RTM has been available since last month.

Enough for me to not consider windows 8 purchase.
Have the OEM version on my laptop it came with it. Don't like it. It has slightly faster load times. I have a SSD my load times were tiny anyway. Down grading back to win 7 there metrosexual desktop can kiss my ALPHA SIERRA SIERRA
I did some testing win7 vs win8. Little or no difference in wow performance. Only difference I did find was amd processor did better in win8 (Mop) vs win7 (Mop).

The other machine tested was a intel i5-k2500 chip. Between win7 and 8 running Mop. Performance was identical. Keep in mind, it's a win 8 developers edition.

Back to amd, Using a newer fx chip. Windows 8 has changed some. Better for the amd bulldozer chip. In win7 it did not do a very good job optimizing the 8 cores. This was fixed in windows 8. And runs much smoother. It even ran wow slightly better fps.

My conclusion was. Intel chip win 7 to 8. See very little performance increase if none at all.
Amd chip. Worth the upgrade if you use a FX chip.

With new drivers. Blizzard getting Mop up to speed. And windows 8 getting things in place. I am hoping to see some different numbers.
best OS was XP pro, then they started adding stuff that no one really needs and changing the UI to make it look like a totally new product that you need to buy every X years, while making older apps less compatible each version
Using Windows 8 current pre-release version and have the occasional problem. Mainly its been with launching the game, I usually get an error stating the updater has stopped working. If I launch the game directly from the x64 app it starts fine but bypasses the initial screen.
Running win 8 and game will minimize at random times any advice on why

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