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I can't seem to install WOW in Windows 8. It says it's installing but not really doing anything. Any suggestions?
I just bought it yesterday
I just installed Windows 8 on my laptop that had WOW already installed. WOW updater ran but on the agreement screen, my mouse isn't visible neither is my touchpad. The only way I can exit is to ctrl-alt-dlt.
Anybody experience this glitch? Any ideas on how to fix?
I have wow on my old computer with windows 7, I have a new computer with windows 8 and I cant seem to get it to download. any help would be greatly appreciated.
If your old computer isn't dead and is still accessible just copy your WoW install from the old computer to the new one.
how come i cant install wow on windows 8
windows 8 sucks cant play any game
Bumping old threads causes some confusion if you have a issue please start your own thread. with a detailed description of what your issue is

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