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Hello there, I recently purchased a Razer Naga.
If you are unfamiliar, the mouse features twelve buttons on the side of it that act as your number pad buttons by default, allowing you to use them as extra hotkeys in games.

The driver software allows you to change what each button does, and even set it up as various macro's. As a healer, I use healbot to play, and healbot doesn't recognize these buttons as mouse buttons, because they are in fact not.

However, the driver software lets me remap say, the tenth button to be control+shift+click instead of numpad1. This fixes all the issues, and I've just finished adding all the macros in a compatible manner. However, it's been brought to my attention that using macros from an outside program may be against the rules. So, before I actually use this: Is this legal?
If not, I can do the same thing in the bounds of the game by simply making mouseover macros and changing the keybinds to numpad1, numpad2 etc. So, I can do the same thing in a slightly more convoluted manner if not.

I'm just not sure if shift+left click counts as one button doing two actions and is therefore illegal.

Thank you for reading.

This is crossposted in the customer service forum for hope at a blue reply.
The general rule is, one hardware event for one in-game action (in practice, this means one triggered GCD). The hardware event can be a keypress, mouse click, or a modified keypress/mouseclick (i.e. something with shift, alt, ctrl etc).

If you have one of your buttons bound to Flash Heal, that's fine. If you have one of your buttons bound to a macro that pops a trinket and then Greater Heal, that's fine.

What's not fine is that some keyboards and mice have the capability to continue sending events even when someone is not there pressing buttons. You want to avoid capabilities like this.
The best addon to use with the Razer Naga is Vuhdo and no doubt, just create macros so that your healing spells is @ mouseover target, place the mouse pointer over the target and use the spell you want.

razer naga was the best purchase I made from a peripheral. and without doubt improved my gameplay considerably.

If you make a good setup in Vuhdo (which takes some time and patience, and you can also find tutorials on how to configure that you find yourself doing a google search) you have total control of many aspects of their group, such as buffs, debuffs, HoTs (such as bars or icons), mana (energy, runic power, rage, focus), threat, aggro, and much more.

Macros on what can be done by the Naga Driver, I've read a lot that they can be considered illegal by blizz and against the terms, it involves a certain kind of automation, which makes me a little frustrated by not using the full power mouse, but when I bought it I made ​​some macros to test the operation, but does not use more than 5 minutes on a dummy for testing. Interestingly, these macros and creates them after you can choose from four types of activation, ex.: Work while button pressed, press to activate and press again to turn off, press to activate the macro only once and another option that I do not remember.

emphasize again that using these macros are against the rules and use the blizzard they may result in a ban

but when I opened a ticket and talked to a GM he did not know if it is allowed or not use this macro (automation)

Imagine you press a button and make a full rotation while I'm cutting the grass of my backyard. sounds like a robot or some kind of Hack

so... take care!

Sorry about my english...
to the infinity and beyond!

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