Unable to switch between characters

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The change char is fixed, however one of my character has a "logged on" error and I can't use the remote auction house.
Yay, fixed for me as well. Thanks Blizz!
Changing toons is fixed but now the auction overview, guild overview and other info on the page is not updating when you change toons.
I think it's happening again...I can't switch my characters out.
Aye it's back again - can't switch at all ;(
Yep. The monster is back. Can't switch characters.
Yep broken again.

Battle.net server seems to be demanding human sacrifice or it gets cranky.

HTTP Server Error 666 : I haven't consumed enough human souls today.... GC says I can sleep now.
Seems fixed
Happening AGAIN! /growl
I have this problem now. Was the fix internal or is there something I can do to fix this?
It's happening to me, too! My main isn't even popping up on the character drop down menu, along with the elusive Manage Characters button.

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