Forcing us to use the transmorg

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09/13/2011 10:03 PMPosted by Swiftshades
And your opinion doesn't speak for every single person. So people may find that they like it. And no one is forcing you to transmog anything bro.
09/13/2011 10:52 PMPosted by Zarhym
We're still going to keep designing what we think is fitting and awesome for each class and tier.

And will will continue to complain because thay pretty much all suck.
Transmorg is just one of many examples of the greatness of Blizzard. They do not say, "Our way or the highway." Instead they want us to have fun, and ask "What can we do to make fun happen?"

I think that many of the shoulders are just plain ridiculous. A down swinging sword will catch on the upward projections. Real armor never has any projection which might slow down the sword. Their entire purpose is to be smooth and slippery to cause the sword to slide harmlessly off.

But I love the look and feel of the game nonetheless.
Wait so you need the old pieces of armor first before you can change the look of your current armor?
Honestly, transmog is one of the best features Blizz has come up with, and as an RPer, I am really really looking forward to it. I finally get to have my crappy looking gear changed to look like gear I really like, Woot!

That said, I would really like to see a hunter set that actually LOOKS like a hunter set, instead of wearing some ugly horned guys head. I would also love to see a druid set that is more feral druid inspired, instead of balance or resto druid.

Don't like transmog, don't use it, but don't !@#$% about the looks of the new tier gear, if you refuse to change it.
nobody's forcing you to do anything.
09/13/2011 10:00 PMPosted by Kalijin

Shaman looks awesome imo. It's creating a lot of tears but I like it.

subjective opinions.
I like the way the shaman set looks. Seems like it's referencing our roots. I know a lock who's jealous of the mage set. I think transmogrification is cool cause now there is a reason to keep old sets (although I didn't and I now regret it) and if you like the look (such as the eternal paladin tier 2), you can get it back. If you feel forced, I think you care a little much about your appearance. Gear is gear and I'm wearing a flippin' skirt on my melee. So are pallies.
are we able to view hunters teir set bonus and what it looks like?
It amazes me that this stupid troll thread is still on the first page.
You must have never seen the t3, good lord.
Question, If you like plate armor as a clothy will you be able to transmog types of armor or just cloth>cloth?
There is only one objective truth about every single armor set we've ever made -- some people love, and some people hate, each of 'em. The art is completely subjective and your tastes reflect your viewpoint.

That said, our design philosophy for epic sets is not changing at all with the introduction of Transmogrification. We're still going to keep designing what we think is fitting and awesome for each class and tier. We want people to want to wear all of the major armor sets we release. In the future you'll just have the option of deciding what set fits you best aesthetically and adventuring to obtain it, without worrying about the stats. :)

The blues really have a way with spinning ideas don't they? Yes, some people like it, but how many people actually like the open chicken mouth mage helm with spelunking goggles on the top vs people that despise it? Not very many because it is absolutely ridiculous looking.
I hate how you guys think everything they make is ugly, if its so simple to think of a brand new design to suffice millions of people then why don't you get off your rear and go make one that people won't say, DAMN THATS UGLY.

Like what you get or just don't get it, its simple.
or just don't play and lower the baddie population a little :)

So please, quit complaining and have fun with the damn game.
09/19/2011 01:45 PMPosted by Eviserator
then why don't you get off your rear and go make one that people won't say, DAMN THATS UGLY.

how do you know they already haven't?

do you think blizzard would just take their design and just make it?
Pally t10 is hawt, id rock that on all my casters. Blizzard you all should make that possible considaring it looks like cloth in some ways hehe :P

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