[H]<Descendants>1/7HM LF T/Th 5:45-9pm

Raid Times: Tuesday / Thursday 5:45-9:00pm PST
We are specifically looking for DPS and healers to diversify our raid makeups but all applicants are welcome and will be given equal opportunity. We look for both experienced and high potential raiders not just gear-scores and kill counts.
Apply at descendantsguild.com

Descendants is a guild of mature players who also have day jobs and families. We take our raiding seriously and would like to expand our numbers to add on more raid times. Currently in Firelands we've progressed through (H) Shannox on 25 man.

Descendants has a very low turn-over rate and has one of the strongest guild cultures you can find. If you're looking for a competitive, positive raid environment then Descendants would be a great fit for you.

Classes we are short on:
-Holy Paladin
-Death Knight
-Balance Druid
-Shadow Priest
-Warrior DPS

PM Kaaz, Uiena, Paladerf, or Timecow in game or post here for details.
One shot Ragnaros in one group and went 6/7 in another on 9/20. Had Ragnaros down to 23% the day before nerfs.
Our first (H)Shannox kill was in 25 man and went very smoothly. Moving into position as a top 25 man raiding guild on Baelgun.

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