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Aerie Peak
Hello! I'm currently on a server three hours later then my time zone, which gets kinda awkward with dinner conflicting with raid times (And I like dinner and refuse to eat near my computer), so I'm looking for a realm on my time zone (PST) that has decent people and decent raiding. So, I have a few questions. All of these questions are for alliance side.

1: How is the economy?
2: How mature/immature are the people?
3: Is pvp decent and semi-active?
4: Is progression raiding semi-decent (like, 3 or so into heroic modes)
5: Whats the horde/alliance ratio?

I'm being 100% honest here.

Don't come to Aerie Peak.
I have to agree with Rani. It used to be decent.. now it's rather, feh
Alright, thanks guys!
09/16/2011 12:00 AMPosted by Bõb
Aerie Peak is one of the fastest declining servers in the US IMO

I used to say different but after watching wowprogress and the sheer amount of failing guilds lately I have to agree.

^^Worst server EVER

My alts are more progressed (1-2 days with maybe 3 hours on average a night) than 32 guilds (That would be 32 5/7 and under guilds) and maybe slightly more progressed on Rag than some guilds.
Kind of makes me sad to see how empty the server's gotten.
-Theyre already in "good" guilds.
-They cant play much, if at all, and as such are stuck in casual-guilds for now.
-Theyre good, but theyre loyal to bad friends who arent, and wont leave a crap-guild and leave their buddy behind.

Spot on

09/16/2011 04:25 PMPosted by Omnicore
-Id like to take this opportunity to officially start my "Helping AP" thread, coming soon! No this is not a troll, and those of you that know me and my guild: You know that we constantly teach other players, and I personally have done thousands of drake, achieve, alt, and gearing runs to help people. This new thread will be dedicated to turning some of these "bads" into "hopefuls". :P

I have actually tried (Hard to believe me being nice right?) helping a bunch of people =) the main problem though is people not understanding simple things such as 1-2-3-4-5-1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4-5. The other problem is that some people leap at your throat and get over the top defensive when you try and tell them what gems/enchant/glyphs are best for their class to maximize damage/heals.

Helpful Person - "You should use this spec XX/XX/XX for more damage"
Angry little person - "Shut up you no life elitist nerd I play how I want"
Me - "..."

Moooving along here....
This server is absolutely terrible. When I get extra cash I AM OUT OF HERE!
09/18/2011 12:44 AMPosted by Taylørswift
YOU BASTARD! I'll gem straight intellect if I want to! I have many damaging spells as a DK and I dont need to freaking strength gems Rani.....don't you dare EVER tell my to gem for strength again! Noob

GOD gte a life u no lif nerd umad bro? lulululululu


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