[H] Aura! Recruiting with free tacos!

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bump :)
Bump, Aura is looking to recruit for our new weekend raid team!
We are also looking for another healer for team green, a druid or a holy paladin :)
bumpity :)
I may or may not have just bumped an old thread of yours. I think this is the correct thread of the two :)

EDIT: I'll follow up at a future date.
I didn't see what you wrote before you edited it, but feel free to drop me or any of our officers a whisper, hopefully we can help you out :)
Bumpity :)
bump :D
bump :)
bump, we would love to add more active members to our roster :D
I do not like bananas.
bumpity-boo :)
Old crew is officially back in business!

We are basically starting fresh and that means you can become a part of something new (but still old, in a weird but good way)! The people you can talk to about admission into the guild; the fearsome threesome (giggity) – me, Nantale and Anablephobia. We will be the ones that'll be whip-... *cough*... guiding your sweet asses in this guild.

I have no alts, and don't see myself getting any within the foreseeable future. I'll let my co-conspirators chose whether they want to divulge alt names or not.

We're especially interested in groups looking for a new home, the more the merrier y'know. That's not to say single players need feel unwanted, far from it. As Beyonce would say: all the single players, now put your hands up! Also, don't feel like you're so far behind in progression that no guild would want you either, because even if some guilds don't, we do! Join up and be a part of our new (but still old, in a weird but good way) family!

PS. We totally enjoy all people. I'm old, from Sweden and am kind of short, just to give an example, and I only get teased about it a little bit. :P For reals though, we're an easy going bunch.
curae, y u so awesome
Cuz baby I was born that way. ;P
damn skippy you were.

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