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Alliance, Night Elf. Horde, Troll. Because bias.

I personally chose a male Troll for my druid. c:
I am a raider and a roleplayer, so I like to take a look at a bit of everything in making my choices. I also consider specs to play an important part in what to play and why I am playing it.


Feral: You feel very much in tune with a more savage side of your nature, prompting you to have chosen this path to help defend nature or perhaps seek to restore the overall balance of the environment by vindicating it against those who would defile it without concern of consequence. At the same time, or perhaps instead, you might also be very at much peace with yourself and your place in the world. You are hardly a shaman though. This is not to say that you deny the significance of spirits in the world, it is just that to you, animals are more than symbols and totems. Animals, like you yourself, are the eyes of nature into the rest of the world and are the mobile forces that stir the most change in the primitive world from within that world.

Balance: Like those who have embraced the living and mobile agents of change in nature, you too serve as a reflection and focus of the destructive powers of the elements most bound together with life and living things. You embrace the forces of the sun, the moon, gravity, and the miracle of air and water wedded together, weather. You focus your effort and attention on the effects these forces have on the natural world, and how the living can effect them as well. Some view the form you take as custodian, guardian, and avenger in this role as laughable, as a fowl of sorts. You have taken it because it is the form of the creatures most aware of the interdependent bonds in nature, the creatures most respectful of the greater forces which exist above and within nature... especially now since many of them are dead and gone.

Restoration: While looked upon even by other druids as "the gardeners of nature", you do more than simply play with plant life all day. You channel immense amounts of life energy through your works. Others can speak what they want of the necessity of water or the great Light which seeks to restore all things living to a blissful state of harmony, but you know that you channel the essence of what makes things animate to begin with. You remain true to your living form and do not normally take on the visage and power of another force, but you are by no means less powerful than they are. Indeed, you can return lost life to their bodies and openly defy even the parched, sun baked regions of the world by fostering life where the bonds between it are seemingly absent.

Next post, races:
Man, no race is "the best."

three things you gotta think of:
what racial do i want?
what forms do i like?
what spec do i want?

read about how theyre different in racials and stats, look at pictures of the forms, and look at the talent trees.
09/18/2011 07:55 AMPosted by Suzette
Troll is the only correct answer.
Relay. Druids have a great sense of sportsman ship and team-play. I really feel that an all druid track team would mesh quite well on a relay race.

Individually, I'd say the best race for druid is probably the hundred meter dash. Though they may get some stiff competition from rogues here. On the opposite spectrum of distance, I also think the marathon would be a great race for any druid. Travel form paired with sprint would give them a great combination of steady consistency and sustainable bursts.

When it comes down to it, druids are suited with the skill sets to succeed no matter what race you pick!

Night Elves: Druidism is in the very heart of your ancient culture, and was one of the things that became developed to identify the meaning of Kaldorei against those who clung to the old ways of the highborne and arcanists. More significantly, you might even be a woman or fighting alongside them for the first time in history, but this does not come across as unusual to you for some reason. Perhaps you are among the many redefining the place of your people in the world. You also may have merely witnessed what is natural for a woman of your race, to engage in the role of defender and avenger against the forces that have desecrated your world in alarming frequency since the Third War. You might even be young, and have a taste for adventure. Travelers have been seen frequently even on your giant tree home, and the outside world beckons. Service to nature might just be the ticket to see distant lands and bear the name and honor of your people proudly to them.

Worgen: Gilneans are different from many humans. Sure, there is that whole business of the curse and all, but the fact is, you have always been a bit more independent, resourceful, and more or less respectful of traditions which the others of your greater race have seemingly run away from in an attempt to embrace newer cults. One of these traditions is perhaps something that ancient humans steered away from once they discovered the arcane or became more obsessed with the Light. Even if this is mere speculation to you, you have noticed that the reverence you and your fellow Gilneans have for your homeland seems to extend to the very soil, trees, and plentiful game itself. At first you consider this to be mere sentiment, or at best some new form of witchery. Then you meet a people you have much in common with, the Kaldorei, your rescuers, and they explain that maybe you do have a deeper bond with life after all. You still follow the tenets of the holy Light, but did you ever notice that when you were farming or herding, you not only playfully talked with your harvest, but it seemed to respond rather well?

Tauren: Reverence for the Earthmother seems to permeate all facets your culture. You do not build grand monuments out of carved stone or construct permanent fortresses as other peoples seem to create (some sort of complex and sense of inadequacy?). Your hunting rites, your religion of respect for An'she and Mu'sha, even the spirit quests of your shamans seem to all revolve around respect of the natural world and living cycles. None looked upon you strangely when you walked off one day and spent the afternoon amongst the grasses and gophers... and ran off with the Kodo herds. The Kaldorei you have met in this new path you have taken seem just as bonded with the living world as you are, but they seem less interested in the bond itself, and more concerned with maintenance, protection, and the Emerald world they speak of often. You care of such things too, but something more primal draws you into wishing simple communion with nature. You look up at the sun and moon and stars, you see the herds in the distance, you feel the grass growing at your feet and see the bond between what moves and teems with life... and want to be with it.

Trolls: The powerful spiritual forces which have surrounded your people's consciousness from its dawning have made their mark on you as much as on anyone else. Maybe you were once a priest of some loa, maybe you were once a conflicted shaman who did not wish to divide concerns between the spirits and the world of the living so much. Whatever the case may be, you have felt stirrings in your heart, a sort of primal scream for a return to distant wild roots. You respect the animal forces to such an extent that you think you could become one yourself, so powerfully does the instinct flow through you. All of this courses through your very thoughts... but then it passes and you stare at the palms moving with the wind and the crabs pulsing in the tides, and start to see that maybe you have a connection to these things that transcends the loa and binds the spirits together.
i would choose a male Tauren.
nuff said
If tanking, Tauren for the stam, and the lesser known, NATURE RESIST! 12% reduced nature is awesome, especially in DS where it's used a lot.
Tauren of the masculine side.
I don't care what anyone else says, I love my female worgen kitteh druid.
Worgen so you can transform as much as possible because transforming is OP
Definitely Troll.
I would have to say the Tauren idk why but they both are just better healers and dps, also look beast.
i dont get why there are worgen druids who wants to be the big bad wolf when u can be a bear or a seal a lepard or a normal wolf?????????
FemTaur ftw
I'd have to go with Tauren or Night elf. I have two myself, I couldn't choose :P So I leveled both. My druid is my only male character, too!

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