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Hello! I'm currently on a server three hours later then my time zone, which gets kinda awkward with dinner conflicting with raid times (And I like dinner and refuse to eat near my computer), so I'm looking for a realm on/near my time zone (PST) that has decent people and decent raiding. So, I have a few questions. All of these questions are for alliance side.

1: How is the economy?
2: How mature/immature are the people?
3: Is pvp decent and semi-active?
4: Is progression raiding semi-decent (like, 3 or so into heroic modes)
5: Whats the horde/alliance ratio?

Realm is dead.
1: Crap
2: Majority of this server are children attempting to be terrible trolls.
3: PvP? on Baelgun? It's dead from what it used to be.
4: Sure, but you can find it somewhere else.
5: 10 alliance to 8 horde

PS: I left alliance on Baelgun because it was boring and immature. Yes, there is a "tiny bit" more attempts at PvP, but most are bad players anyway. Overall, I would say don't come to this server. Sargeras has 22 ally guilds that are at least 3/7 heroic, and is the best PvP server on this battlegroup. I'd check them out.
This may sound rude but...
if you go on a forum for a server you have never heard of asking about its pvp
i kinda get the feeling that you aren't a very strong pvper.
So when people say go to Tich, Darkspear, or Sargeras don't do it.
You will be a server where you don't belong.
Baelgun is a fun yet boring server but it still has its moments.
If you do choose us then Welcome to Baelgun!
if not F U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Got Declined ^
Now Mad^
Gotta love when people troll about something they know nothing about. Also gotta love how he is too scared to post on his main. Whats the matter? Don't want people knowing who you are with your foul opinions? Must be a super reliable source, like fox news.
Gj Syck way to be trolled

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