[H] <Síor> 2/8HM LF Boomkin and Priest Heals

Síor is recruiting capable and reliable players to progress in Dragon Soul.

Our current DS progression is 2/8HM (8/8N).

We raid Wednesday and Sunday from 6 PM to 9 PM server. As a guild that only raids six hours a week it is crucial to have people who can stay focused and perform to the best of their ability for the entire duration. We need players who are not only capable of doing a rotation, but can also get out of fire and perform certain functions when asked. New applicants must be able to take criticism about performance just as our current members are expected to. We don’t want people who will take it personally and be upset when something is brought up, rather you should take the advice and improve for the sake of the raid.

For our raiders we provide guild repairs, flasks, food buffs and enchants. We also do alt raids on Fridays for those interested.

Current needs for our raid team are:

High Need:
Balance Druid
Disc/Holy Priest

Should you wish to apply visit our website at http://sior.wowstead.com/application-guide. If you have any further questions about the guild you can contact Fizzlecog or Comatosis in game.
The Boomkin better wanna /dance! (Then Coma will leave me alone)
I dance with everyone, a chicken wont get you off the hook!
Still need a chicken and a mage!
Bump for some dps!
Still needs some apps. I offer free booze if you join
Still looking for a solid mage and boomkin
Really need some apps, Im tired of sharding all of the spell power leather I could be giving to someone.
Need some solid apps, one word answers make me sad
Bump for more apps! Hunters and DKs are nice!
Comatosis say: App at Síor a day keeps Old Gods at bay
I heard sior is anti-tauren, confirm?
We do have a fatty cow among our ranks! We are an equal opportunity raiding guild :P
Bump for updated recruitment needs
Still need more apps! Go go Boomchicken
Coma's getting lonely not being able to dance with anyone. C'mon boomies!
It's true, no one dances with me anymore :(
Updated with new needs
People would dance with you if you used deoderant you know!

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