Turalyon PVE Progression / Raiding Guilds

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10/07/2011 07:08 AMPosted by Tackkjr
Carpe Jugulum (H) is 5/7 in normal 10 man

Which 5 bosses? And what's your guild website?

We killed Shannox, Beth, Ryo, Aly and Baleroc on normal

Here is the guild website address


We are also 12/12 on T 11 with no heroic kills in T 11.
Coven is 1/7H with HM Shannox dead on 10m

edit: Also apparently forgot to add that we killed H. Halfus a while ago for T11H (10m)
Coven is 2/7H with HM Rhyolith on 10m

Evolution Horde side

Baradin Hold: 2/2
Throne of Winds: 2/2 (normal) 1/2 (Heroic) *conclave was 10 man*
Blackwing Descent: 6/6 (normal) 5/6 (Heroic) *All but nef, omni was 10 man*
Bastion of Twilight: 4/4 (normal) 1/5 (Heroic) Halfus on H
Firelands: 7/7 (normal) 2/7 (Heroic) Ryo and Shann

All are 25 man kills except for the ones with a * :)

Guild site is http://evolution-turalyon.wowstead.com/
Symphonia is 13/13H T11 and 6/7H T12 both 10m
TFM is 6/7 heroic 10 man

[H] Portal - 10m heroic beth
[H] Massacre has downed Heroic Beth'tilac on 25 man

Heroic Shannox, Heroic Ryolith, Heroic Baleroc, Heroic Domo, Heroic Alysrazor, Heroic Bethilac dead in that order

sorry its been awhile

Chaotic Neutral
25m Heroic Staghelm downed
[H] Epic killed H Ryholith tonight!
And add in H Domo
And H Rag
Nvm for H Rag. They tricked us!
Lolz, we got you good :3
carpe jugular killed N Domo last night . now 6/7 N mode. 10 man
Evolution, please add H domo 25 :)
FoE killed H Rhyo on 25 last night.
Massacre killed H Bale on 25 tonight.

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