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Does using [Random Piece A] for transmog on to [Random Piece B] destroy [Random Piece A]?

Sorry if that has been answered already.

No. It's been said in previous threads that once you transmog an item, you can throw the source item in void storage to get it out of your inventory.

Common Blizzard. give us full access for helmet slots.
Helmet slots we can already hide. why not let us use a Hood, or a Blindfold?

P.S. Make all Quel'Delar colors available for transmog for multi specs. I want to have the 1-h quel delar for a 2-h and the ability to use said model if we completed the quest. >_>

Bumpity bump.
09/19/2011 05:50 PMPosted by Kaivax
Only uncommon (green), rare (blue) or epic (purple) items may be transmogrified. (exceptions: a select few of these items will be prevented from being used to transmogrify if they are inappropriate)

That's too bad. I was really hoping to be able to transmog'd my original pair of Ruby Shades that are no longer available in the game.

At least i will be able to use my Soul Harvester from back in the day! Nope never got rid of it!!! woot!
First, for a druid, you don't know a lot about your class. Boomkins most certainly show their weapons while in form. Fairly certain trees don't, but since I only ever do that in combat, really not paying attention to weapons as I've said. Secondly, as I noted, I am /all for/ the restrictions being lifted. I'm just saying stop targeting the hunters for hate, because we're not getting some amazing favoritism here.

I'm well aware that Balance druids have their weapons on show. When I said 'transmogrification', I meant actual gear sets - something a large number of people who are anticipating this feature are striving towards. Weapons only play a small part of that. I'd also like you to point out a single post by me where I've said that hunters are being favoured or that it's unfair that guns/cross/bows can be changed freely. Pretty sure you won't find one :)
Any word on Dual Wielding?

Will I have to get 2 of the same item or can I have 1 axe and transmog to both my MH and OH?

Anyone info anyone has on this would be greatly appreciated.
Any word on Dual Wielding?

Will I have to get 2 of the same item or can I have 1 axe and transmog to both my MH and OH?

Anyone info anyone has on this would be greatly appreciated.

As long as the source graphic item isn't main hand or off-hand specific, you can use the same instance of one item on both weapons.
Also, if an item is "unique-equip", like Doom's Edge ,will I be able to DW them? *cross fingers* lol
Also, if an item is "unique-equip", like Doom's Edge ,will I be able to DW them? *cross fingers* lol

No such restriction yet, but by all means keep posting about it, and I'm sure they'll add one.
09/19/2011 05:50 PMPosted by Kaivax
• Weapons must be the same weapon type (exceptions: Guns, Crossbows, or Bows)

I think another exception should be made. Currently in PVP, caster's do not have a sword, just a dagger. Most of my RP sets have a sword (the others have staves) as the main hand, and I'm sure majority of the other RP casters out there have a sword as their main hand. So blizzard, please add the exception of one handed daggers to one handed swords. And if not, just give casters a PVP sword next season.
I like this. The restrictions are vast, but I am still happy its finally here :D

My Enhance will be wearing Pride and Greed AGAIN! :D
Would just like to add a request, since non stat bearing items can't be used, and I'd love for these two to be available for transmog:

Black Ice
Gem Studded Bracelets

Cause you know, we all need a little bling in our lives! (And I have the perfect idea for a set for these!)
Are there any future plans for older legendary weapons to have some sort of transmogrification ability.

As it seems such a waste that these awesome weapons sit in most peoples bank/backpack and only come out on occasion as they have no use otherwise.
When I think about this new feature, and how this goes back to the point of when you create and level your character increasing your skills becoming a powerful insert-class-here(warrior in my case) but choosing to use the keep the look of a gear set that best describes what you would want to look like, or to show off your strengths in battle by showing off your full set of heroic level gear.

But then you can't use legendary items in this "showcase" set. In my eyes, I see that being as bass ackwards as it gets. Meaning, If you spent the time to acquire the very swords Illidan used to rule whatever(yeah i don't lore, so shoot me), id expect those to move on with the "powerful warrior" you have spent so much time trying to create.

If you got the Hand of Ragnaros, maybe even twice now, I'd expect that to be something that would really become a part of your character, more than a wasted inventory slot and a lonely feat of strength to be covered and flooded over by things like getting your Unarmed skill to 400, even though I'm sure that makes me a close second to Chuck Norris in a fair fist fight.

Totally different games are totally different, but when you kill someone in a gun game, you jack their gun off their body if its better. The legendary staff Medivh used is probably better suited for combat than a 5 man heroic staff. As you have said before, Bosses are meant to all be around the same level, even though its not reflected as some bosses has as much health as a player now.

This rant has gone on for a while now, I hope you see my point though.
I get that this is just the first implementation of the feature, but you realize you're going to have to allow much more freedom in the future right?

You will need to remove weapon-type restrictions.
You will need to let all items, even gray quality be appropriate targets.
You will probably need to remove armor-type restrictions (while keeping the "only what you can wear" rule)
And finally you will probably need to add a set of invisible armor at some point. Namely, chest, shoulders, bracers, gloves, and shoes. People want to show off their shirts in battle without everything covering them up.

All of this comes from experience with other games with the same feature. They've all had to go down this same path, and it betters the experience for us, the customer.

I just don't fully understand why you have the system so restricted right now when it's just going to be nearly complete freedom in the future.
09/19/2011 07:56 PMPosted by Solderberg
As I said a page ago, it's probably about resources. Blizzard doesn't want to have to redesign their engine to allow face-stabbing mutilates with swords, rather than daggers.

Raging Blow(Fury Warr) uses the same animation as mutilate
09/19/2011 06:09 PMPosted by Flute
There may be individual items that are excluded from being transmogrified on the basis that they were originally added to the game as absurdities. (examples: a weapon that looks like a fish, or a chest piece that is invisible)
So we get silly poop quests and pop culture references out the wazoo, but engaging in an epic battle with a Rockhide Strongfish equipped is too much to ask?

Yes. Yes it is. Even though Blizzard devs are allowed a sense of humor, you, dear paying customer, are not allowed one.
Really wish there would be a lift on weapon restrictions. As an original hunter since day 1, and original toon, i have acquired a great variety of amazing and unique weapons, which at this point in Cataclysm, i am relegated to using 2 weapons. Polearms and staves. DW isnt even an option anymore because of there being no 1h weapon enchant for the expansion that i am able to use. There aren't any weapon specs anymore, so there isnt any gamebreaking element with changing the look. Id really like to be able to use some of the unique weapons ive gotten over the 7 years ive been playing.

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