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so how exactly does this thing work? does it take the stats of a high lvl item and apply it to a low lvl item or does it take a high lvl item and make it look like a low lvl item (or whatever else you had in mind)?

ie do i turn my 8/8 beaststalker set into a lvl 85 statted gear set, or do i take my existing lvl 85 gear and give it the visual look of my beaststalker set?

also does using this transmog thing destroy the consumed/mimicked item or merely clone its stats/appearance onto the new item
11/26/2011 11:09 PMPosted by Icelyn
so how exactly does this thing work? does it take the stats of a high lvl item and apply it to a low lvl item or does it take a high lvl item and make it look like a low lvl item (or whatever else you had in mind)?

It takes one item and makes it look like another. Example. Staff A looks AWESOME. Right? Except.. its level 80. :(. But you want to show it off... Now, you have Staff B equipped. Great stats. It looks ugly. You can make Staff B look like Staff A but keep the stats.

So now Staff B has the Staff B stats and the Staff A look. It does not destroy either items in the process.
I hate to say it, but this is actually rather depressing.

I mean, what's the point of "Raiding in an outfit you like" if you can't mix and match pieces from different armor categories?

Yeah I know that would open the flood of mageweave panties, but I'm not really offended nor do I care. I mean, what if there's a really cool arrangement of items I want that perhaps includes the Serenity belt as an accent to the outfit? As a plate wearer, I'm screwed.

Why put such restrictions on when you're already willing to switch out the item's display model? I doubt its that much more work. If this comes down to PvP balancing then that's one more thing that PvP has ruined.

"Oh waaaah, you should be happy you're getting the ability to change your armor model at all"

Yeah? And? You mean I can't choose an outfit that doesn't display shoulders or boots or gauntlets? I can't choose to say...Dual wield polearms or turn my one handed sword into a polearm and be a spartan? You mean they actually tease me with possibillities and then slam the door in my face...Again? Say it isn't so.

Look, I get it, it'd be nice to the matching saphirium model boots to got with my retribution paladin, or to have a uniform armor set until I complete my next set and I can use the default skin. You know it happens, go from one tier to another and you're a mess, always. What's disappointing is the wasted potential to make unique outfits for those of us who want to play with the backlog of outfits. So what if the mage wants to look like he's in plate? Its odd, I'll give you that, but keep in mind some spellcasters would really also like to use Vision of Sargeras, despite it being Leather and unequipable.

Look, Blizzard, I've been on this game for about 6 years, middle of Vanilla to current. There has always been a list of can't, won't, and never will dos. Shall we list the ones that would never happen? There's a bunch you currently make us pay a tidy some for and advertise for on your loader that about two years or so ago was "Never going to happen" (Faction transfers..Race Change...)). What does this mean? Well, stupid restrictions are stupid. Why did Blood elves not get the warrior? Well they could already be so many classes, its unfair...(Hey look kids, this is a blood elf warrior's post). Why can't Shaman's Dual Wield, well that's unbalanced and shaman's are OP. Why can Paladin's not suck? Because they were alliance only. Why do Hybrid classes suffer for just being able to do more than just one thing? Well, uh that's unfair to classes like priests that are really good at healing...Uh...

Get my point? Why the stupid restrictions? Why can I not go to battle like a proper orc? Shirtless, with a ceremonial loincloth, a pair of nasty axes,massive shoulder pads and a surly wife I don't wanna go home to? I don't *care* that I'm the protection warrior and I need a shield, I can technically have my shield, but I can be the badass dual wielding pseudo-parrying tank I loved when Frost tanks were around. The very fact that we can change the armor's model is already a nod to the desire of aesthetics, except you're telling us that "You must only color in ze line with ze colors, and only zem and you must be ze grateful little subscribers".

Let me start out with a small disclaimer. I love Blizzard's art design, it is the primary reason I play this game...However.

You have refused to update the Character models to walk in step with your continuing model and texture development, you refuse to give us significant control over customization that doesn't involve actual money (By the way, Re customization changes your name, maybe skin color and your face, 15 dollars well spent, woo. Hair/horns/haircolor are doable by barber. Hope everyone reads this because that's BS) and even using money to change our characters presents us with excessively limited ability. This is not a mechanical dillema, this is aesthetics, pure and simple. There are far too many games that let you play with intricate details of the character's face and other features to allow any justification for proper customization. No, this is not a demand for realism, stay within your style, but dammit there's a handful of good combinations and laws of statistics are staring you in the face with 10 million players.

Stop. Jerking. Me. Around. Dammit. All I want is some creative leeway, some actual say as to what my character looks like. I thought this was my chance, but it looks like its not at all.

PS - I Have far more respect for programmers now than when I started playing, I'm in the process of obtaining a degree in software development and good lord the trials to be had. But...As a thought, isn't it slightly more complicated to put all these conditionals in? I'm actually interested to see if this is all reasoned behind the nightmare of code editing.
09/19/2011 05:50 PMPosted by Kaivax
• Legendary items cannot be transmogrified.
wtf! why not!!!
11/27/2011 12:24 AMPosted by Sundae
• Legendary items cannot be transmogrified.
wtf! why not!!!

because the immediately destroys the purpose of having the legendary item. If you can not flaunt the look you worked you arsenal off for what is the point.

There is an off hand items that is a mace in appearance from Black rock caverns. I look forward to this for the main reason that i like more practical looking gear.
Transmogrifying a legendary item doesn't make it less legendary, and it doesn't make them THAT much more common among players; they're still considerably hard to get. However, they're not any harder to get than an entire set of an old tier, yet people are able to transmog that. Why are items like legendaries left to just sit in your bank or be worn uselessly around major cities once you level up? With transmogrification the first thought in most people who spent the time to get a legendary was "Oh my gosh, I can finally be able to use my Thunderfury/Warglaive/Val'anyr/etc again!" What's the harm in seeing rogues with a Warglaive or a Priest with Val'anyr? The only thing people would see is "Wow that looks awesome" not "Oh my god, that's so unfair." If it's because there's not a legendary available for every class then please, give the other classes a break and make badass items for them; but don't restrict transmog so that the items that require the most work to obtain sit to rot to be forever obsolete. If you can't show off your legendary what's the point of having them in-game? My warrior doesn't even have any legendaries and this bugs me that this weird restriction was put on.
I've made my position clear about this "feature" (i use that term loosely because it's an embarrassment to the industry standard) since the details were first announced.

But I do want to add something that I've noticed a lot of people keep parroting. That is, that everyone would run around in -insert X outfit- if there were no restrictions. This is not only an absurd notion to put forward, but it's already been proven false in the other games that have appearance features.

In fact, the MMO with the most freedom in their appearance feature is EQ2. Rarely do I see the same outfit on two people. In fact, I see more diversity there than I ever have in WoW. There are no restrictions beyond "can you wield/wear it" and all of the "Appearance Only" armor is cloth to allow everyone to use it. The weapons are made as universally available as possible, but you'll never see a Mage class with a bow and other reasonable restrictions.

I've said this so many times it's almost a mantra now, but.... XMog is like a pager being introduced as the "latest and greatest" while competitors are selling Droids and iPhones.
this feature became 100% more crappier once I read about the I wanted the valkyrir gear with the hunter bc eyeball shoulders..and now my serious dream is kickedright out the door. I personally believe that these rules should be thrown out the window so that people can truly customize their gear...whether its silly or serious.
The goal of Transmogrification is so we can use old gear we liked in the past, at current level - as least the looks of it right? Copy the looks? That kind of makes no sense and seems like a really odd thing to add to WoW.

Scrap Transmogrification and Reforging. Make Reforging a feature over in the Blacksmiths/Leatherworking/Tailoring areas that an NPC will do (similar to how Reforging currently works) that will take an old piece of armor, say a T2 shoulder, and reforge it to stats that match your current level. Make the cost to do this anything that would be realistic. Gold? An orb that drops off the end boss of a dungeon? Materials like bars for plate, leather for leather, cloth for cloth etc? All of the above? Make it something we have to work for and work at, build up the mats and reforge that old Bloodfang or Prophecy vestments. Not this quagmire of go farm old dungeons/raids/buy from npcs to take it to some npc that copies that look to some new armor set. It would also be something interesting to do.

I think one of my main points is running around looking like you're using T2 but its named something entirely different seems odd. The look was just copied?

Being able to reforge an old weapon or armor set that we love seems like a more rewarding experience than what Transmogrification is and just makes sense. This could also allow people who have legendaries to reforge them - but require that they get some really really rare materials or drops from a high end raid boss to reforge it with.

Just some ideas/thoughts on this. I'm not bashing the Transmog idea, and I'm thankful you guys decided to add it.
^@^ Sykax: I think that is a great idea, but by now I think that would involve a different system than just plain old reforging, and its a bit late if they were to change it now in the middle of the patch. However, you might see this done later on, great post.
Hi guys just to double check do you need to have the item you want to change your current gear into? I cleaned out all my old sets ages ago cause i didnt see a reason for them to be taking up bank space.
"Weapons must be the same weapon type (exceptions: Guns, Crossbows, or Bows)"

Why. Why can't I transmog a sword into an axe/mace? How is this fair.
Since we can't make common items look like uncommon, rare or epic items, what about making uncommon, rare or epic items LOOK like common items? Some actually look good.
11/27/2011 04:15 PMPosted by Sinzai
Can I please get a reason WHY we can transmorg legendaries? To be honest it's totally stupid. You think that transmorg would be specifically to bring back everyone's old legendaries they have in their banks. I spent a ton of time getting my legendaries...seems unfair.

It's probably because it wouldn't make legendary items that "legendary". I can see their point.
Being unable to transmogrify my Lord Walden's Top Hat makes me froth at the mouth.

When you worgen are willing to share with the rest of us the secret of making that hat, then maybe you can wear it. Not until...

...gimme that hat! T_T

LOL It's a quest reward, it's BoP : /
Im just curious, i know transmoging something will bind it and mailing an item will remove a transmog but what if I trade an item (transmoged herlooms) to another toon on my account? is that going to remove it or did I miss something?
Do we need 2 One-Handed weapons to Do the trans to both slots, or do we need Only 1 of the weapons to trans both current weapons?
09/19/2011 08:15 PMPosted by Magnusheart
P.S. Make all Quel'Delar colors available for transmog for multi specs. I want to have the 1-h quel delar for a 2-h and the ability to use said model if we completed the quest. >_>

I wish we could do the quest line a second time, I deleted this on my pally long before transmogging was announced (when she hit 85, was desparate for bank space) and the GM I spoke to said they couldn't restore it. :(

I'm still slightly confused on the whole process of "transmog" do I actually have to have said piece I want my high up gear to look like? like my T2 I have to actually own to turn it to the T12?

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